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What is a Spectrum?

In the context of grow lights, spectrum refers to the range of wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation light produces. Within the overall light spectrum, smaller ranges of light are categorized by the color of light they produce. 

The Use of Spectrum in LED Grow Lights

  For many years, indoor growers used HID grow lights for cultivation. These lamps provide the light intensity needed to deliver an adequate amount of photons to indoor plants that cannot access enough sunlight.  However, the downside of HID bulbs is that they cannot provide a comprehensive light spectrum. Plants use the full visible spectrum from blue to red. MH bulbs only provide blue light and HPS only provide red. While these lights can be switched out to ensure plants get the spectrum they need when they need it, there is now a better option with LED grow lights.  Full spectrum LED lights are designed with the exact light recipe plants require to thrive. Even more advanced variable spectrum LED grow lights allow the grower to adjust the spectrum according to their crop’s current stage of growth.