Switch from HPS to LED Lighting

Switch To LED Lighting at Zero Cost

Get a Better Harvest and Lower Energy Bills with LED Grow Lights

Are you still using outdated HPS or HID lights in your grow facility? It’s time to switch to the latest technology and save money in the process. California LightWorks is proud to facilitate a rebate program that makes the transition to LED grow lights easy and affordable.

By participating in this program, you can take advantage of the many benefits of LED lighting, including increased yields and lower energy bills. And best of all, with the rebate, your LED lights can be 100% free.

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MegaDrive® Linear Series

The MegaDrive® Linear 400 and Dual 400 are specifically designed for supplemental lighting in greenhouses. With a slim design to minimize shadow effect, these high efficacy fixtures pack a hefty punch of up to 2,100 µMoles/s PPF to cover a large area. The MegaDrive Linear is chainable, with up to 27 fixtures running from a single power drop, dramatically lowering electrical and installation costs. Wireless two-channel spectrum control and integration with a wireless photo sensor for automated daylight balancing ensure consistent DLI and minimum power usage.

MegaDrive® Vertical Series

The new MegaDrive Vertical 800 from California Lightworks lets indoor growers maximize their yield and returns by delivering the highest light levels and the best spectrum at the lowest cost. 800 Watts of high efficacy LED power combined with spectrum control allows growers to get the most out of their crops, cycle after cycle. All this with six-sigma reliability, driverless slim fixture that requires no power outlets over the canopy minimizing heat and installation costs.