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MegaDrive® Greenhouse Lighting

A quantum Leap
in Greenhouse
lighting Technology

The New MegaDrive® Linear 400 is specifically designed for supplemental lighting in greenhouses. It features a very small shadow effect yet covers a large area. The Linear 400 is chainable and as many as 27 lights can be run from a single power drop to save on installation costs. It also features wireless two-channel spectrum control and integrates with a wireless photo sensor for automated dimming depending on the amount of sunlight available. The Linear 400 uses passive cooling with no fans and has an IP rating of 65. Draws 380W with up to 3.5 µMoles/J efficacy.

MegaDrive® Linear 400

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LED Grow Lights

New Patented Central Power Supply Design

Central power supply removes drivers from light fixtures, reducing cost by up to 30%.

Eliminating power drops over the canopy reduces installation costs by up to 80%

Choice of hardwired touch screen controller, wireless Bluetooth controller, and third-party environmental controllers.

Light sensor option offers sunlight balancing and the best light levels under all conditions.

Slim linear light design and central power supply reduces shadowing.

Latest generation Osram LED’s and high efficiency central power supply maximize the light output with minimal energy consumption.

Greenhouses are notorious for power quality issues so the Megadrive has much more robust protection than can be found in integrated drivers. 

Designed and manufactured in California with industry-leading light design and support.

Remote 10K driver reduces installation cost by 80% and allows for industrial-strength power-quality protection.

2-Channel Sequential Dimming optimizes mixed-light spectrum resulting in increased flower density and shelf appeal.

Eliminating the driver in the light fixture reduces the shading coefficient below any light with integrated drivers.

Multi Channel Spectrum Control

Digital two channel spectrum control provides the optimum lights levels and spectrum under all growing conditions. MDL400 is optimized for flowering crops with a heavy intensity in deep red which drives maximum yield.

Chain up to 27 MDL-400 fixtures

Our groundbreaking MegaDrive technology eliminates the need for drivers and electrical power connections over the canopy thus reducing both fixtures and installation costs. Achieve indoor quality grows without high up-front costs.

Food Cultivator GreenHouse LED Grow Lights

Up to 3.5 μMoles/s
Industry-leading Efficacy

For high value crops such as cannabis, supplemental greenhouse lighting is what separates highly profitable operations from struggling startups.

Replacing HPS to MDL400
LED Grow Lights

Unlike fixed spectrum solutions such as HPS or all white LEDs. California Lightworks features digital spectrum control for the ideal intensity and spectrum for any stage of growth or type of plant. Seasonal spectrum mixes, adjustable intensity, and sunrise/sunset functions are all available a touch of a button.

Case Studies

For high-value crops such as cannabis, supplemental greenhouse lighting is what separates highly profitable operations from struggling startups. In today’s competitive market, the lowest cost of production and year-round consistency indicates which operations will thrive and which operations will close their doors. California Lightworks strives to realize the lowest installed cost greenhouse lighting on the market. Our new MegaDrive LED technology reduces fixture and installation costs while delivering the highest possible operating efficiencies with the lowest shade footprint per watt, of any fixture on the market.

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An Easy Transition to MegaDrive

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