Switch from HPS to LED Lighting
[Case Study]

Nourse Farms Greenhouse
Installs MegaDrive® Lighting Technology

MegaDrive™ Lighting Technology Case Study

The latest look at the California LightWorks MegaDrive lighting system in action is at Nourse Farms in Massachusetts. For over 90 years, Nourse Farms has been producing and selling premium quality small fruit plants to commercial fruit growers, home gardeners, and resellers nationally and internationally. 


The company’s dedication to providing customers with virus-indexed, highly productive plants motivates them to remain at the forefront of the industry’s latest advancements. Nourse Farms actively identifies and evaluates new varieties and cultivation techniques, enabling them to uphold their commitment to delivering superior quality. With a comprehensive range of facilities, including an on-site tissue laboratory, greenhouse, fields, and packing house, their utmost priority is to ensure the provision of the finest plants possible. Their greenhouse uses MegaDrive lights to ensure proper growing settings and plant quality.

A Look In The Greenhouse

Nourse Farms has installed rows of MegaDrive lights to help grow strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries in a greenhouse where they start from tissue culture material and go all the way to fully grown fruit-producing plants. They utilize their own lab to control quality and propagate within the greenhouse. By using MegaDrive lighting systems, they can grow year-round, selling plants to other commercial growers, garden centers and home growers. 


This Nourse Farms greenhouse starts plants in 288-count plug trays, then transplants them to a 72 or 32 count tray. The plants are sized for growers and sold based on those needs. Since entire plants are being sold, overall health is a key factor during the growing process, as well as complete control over the environmental settings.

Lighting Technology

Complete Customization

Nourse Farms uses the MegaDrive LEDs system to allow for growth all year, and these lights greatly increase ROI due to the output results provided. MegaDrive offers full customization of light intensity and color spectrum, so growers can reduce or boost light when necessary. The lights can run independently on their own schedule, allowing total control and optimal growing conditions throughout the day and year. 

The MegaDrive light fixtures are slim with a low profile. This allows for minimum shadows and blockage of the sun, helping growers utilize the natural sunlight to save money and work with the environment of the greenhouse. The lights stay cool and have a long life thanks to the LED diodes. The fixtrues can handle sprays, cleanings, and anything else the greenhouse may throw at them, being water resistant with a long lifespan. This helps growers ultimately save after installation and adds comfort due to reliability.

An Easy Transition to MegaDrive

These greenhouses have been here for six years and haven’t always utilized the MegaDrive greenhouse lighting system. However, when they made the switch, nothing needed to be changed structurally in order to hang the lights. MegaDrive lights do not need any wiring or power drops over the canopy and are very simple to install and program. 


The power supplies can all be placed on one wall, not blocking any light, and there is no need for power drops on any of the futures. The central power supply can be located in the greenhouse, outside, or as far as 300 feet away. All of these aspects help cut installation costs since they do not require complicated electrical work. You won’t need an electrician to wire the entire greenhouse over days or weeks, cutting down on possible growing time. 


The lights are easy to relocate, expand or contract as needed since there is no extra hardwiring. Each power supply has its own breaker, communication port, and cable outlet, creating one circle of up to 27 lights. Each network system of up to 27 can be controlled independently or linked to create a larger consistent growing zone.

The Growing Future

Nourse Farms has been in berry propagation for over 90 years. They started with strawberries and expanded over the decades to include various other berries, fruits, and plants. Today they propagate over 40 million plants with plans to increase production over the next few years. Nourse Farms sells to farmers, retailers, and home gardeners to serve all markets, offering blueberries, blackberries, asparagus crowns, and more with the help of the California LightWorks MegaDrive greenhouse lighting system. 

The California Lightworks MegaDrive® LED lighting system combines the benefits of outdoor summer quality in a year round greenhouse environment, offering the best of both worlds for optimal plant growth. With CLW lighting systems, you can enjoy greater customization options and effortless installation, saving time, money, and energy. These systems promote improved growth and quality, enhancing the overall cultivation experience. To get started on your lighting process or learn more, speak with our experts today.