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SolarStorm LED Grow Lights Review by California Lightworks

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Brandon Parham, the Sales Specialist at California Lightworks, discusses 3 separate products in this LED grow lights review video.

SolarStorm 880 Review

Brandon starts off by introducing their SolarStorm 880 600W LED Grow Light. This light was designed and manufactured to be used in the 4 x 4 tents. For growers looking to work out of a space larger than a 4 x 4 tent, Brandon recommends placing 2 of these above a 4 x 8 tray. This LED grow light was designed to replace the traditional 1000 watt grow lights while only using 60% of the electricity. This light, in particular, does not require any inline fans, ducting or ballasts.

SolarStorm 440 Review

The second light that Brandon introduces in the video is their SolarStorm 440 400W LED Grow Light, this unit was designed to fit in the 3 x 3 tents. For growers looking to work out of a larger space, Brandon typically recommends 3 of these on a 4 x 8 tray. These sizing adjustments are the most common arrangements when it comes to size in the hydroponic world. This unit, in particular, allows growers to switch from veg to bloom – offering growers the opportunity to control the spectrum with the flick of a switch.

SolarStorm 220 Review

The third and last light that Brandon presents in the video is the SolarStorm 220 200W LED Grow Light. SolarStorm 220 offers growers the option of 3 different spectral plans which are the VegMaster, BloomBooster and FullCycle. Each spectral package offers a unique ability to match a light to the grower’s needs. These units cover a large square footage while requiring very minimal electricity. The SolarStorm 220 was developed by California Lightworks as a supplemental LED with 3 spectral options suited for any project.

For any particular grow goal, there’s a light to help you achieve it. For more information reach out to us by calling (800) 575-3475 or email us at info@californialightworks.com

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