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Customer Reviews of California Lightworks LED Grow Lights in 2019

California LightWorks LED Grow Lights Customer Reviews

At California Lightworks, we constantly innovate to make sure our growers have the best LED lights on the market. But grow light selection is a decision to be taken seriously. Specs and manufacturer promises aren’t always enough. You need peer insight. You need California Lightworks LED grow lights customer reviews.

We’ve gathered feedback from growers for all three of our LED grow light collections. Below, you’ll learn more about what it’s like to use California Lightworks products for:

  • Large commercial operations
  • Home grows
  • Greenhouse applications

These reviews cover everything from ease of installation and overall costs to crop quality and customer service.

And if you still want to know more, we invite you to visit our product pages and case studies for even more opinions from real growers.


California LightWorks LED Grow Lights Customer Reviews: SolarSystem Series


We designed our SolarSystem series to meet the highest standards of commercial growers while remaining accessible to hobbyists.

Made with top shelf Osram LEDs, these luminaires are high power and high efficiency. Power levels range from 200 watts to 800 watts. Every product in this collection features programmable spectrum control. With these lights, you have minute-to-minute power over your light recipes.

The result is greater potency, remarkable flavor, higher yields, and a more economical use of light.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out these California LightWorks LED grow lights customer reviews for the SolarSystem series.


California LightWorks SolarSystem Reviews


“I’ve been using the SolarSystem 1100 for almost two and a half years now. The system has been working flawlessly from day one. Yields have been unbelievable. I was never able to produce results like this with HID. I tried. This 1100 should be in everyone’s garden.”

-Constructionpig, SolarSystem 1100

“Four weeks into flower and we are very happy with the results. One month in—looking forward to final finish with our new setup. Proof is in the pudding! We also received a follow-up courtesy call from company, which was a nice touch. Looking forward to doing business with California LightWorks again.”

-Anonymous, SolarSystem 1100

“The product works!!!! I have two 550s in a 5×5 grow tent spread apart about a foot. My buddy grows with 1000w so we did my crop exactly the way he does his, and I just harvested 1.4 pounds. Pretty much what he’s getting. He couldn’t believe it.”

—Mike F., SolarSystem 550

“Wow, the SolarSystem 550 is very user friendly. The programmable controller is easy to understand and is expandable to daisy chain all your SolarSystem units with RJ11 jacks and phone cord for complete D.C. Bus interface to all unites on network! Love the low heat output of the LEDs with heat sinks and 2 powerful cooling fans integrated into top deck! Very solid units with the best service team anywhere. Very satisfied with the design and have experienced higher yields and less overall kws due to less heat load from my 600 and 400 watt hps/mh systems! Also had the opportunity to get a couple of the new SolarSystem 550 veg lights and have seen vigorous growth w/l a few weeks cuttings were 18-24” tall with excellent deep colors!”

—Anonymous, SolarSystem 550

“Amazing! If, like me, you have wanted these lights but just couldn’t push that final button, go for it! My plants are so happy and healthy. What used to take months, my babies have accomplished in 3 weeks. Great root systems established and vigorous growth.”

—Claudia Dion, SolarSystem 275 Veg

“These lights do an awesome job at raising cannabis potency. The lights are cost effective and come in a great housing.”

—Mark, SolarSystem UVB

“The SolarSystem series is hands down the best engineered grow light on the market today. Every facet of designing a good grow light was addressed when developing this unit. This includes efficiency with respect to both light quality and energy usage. No other light gives you the ability to manipulate the spectrum like this system.”



California LightWorks LED Grow Lights Customer Reviews: SolarXtreme Series


With the SolarXtreme series, home growers don’t have to sacrifice quality for simplicity. Featuring our exclusive Optigrow light spectrum, these lamps provide the optimal spectrum for your plants.

High efficiency, high power, and a full spectrum formulated and tested for your best-ever grows. How can you go wrong?

According to these California LightWorks LED grow lights customer reviews, you can’t.

California LightWorks SolarXtreme Reviews


“Best LED light I have ever used by far. I have been using a 650 Pro Lumigrow since 2015. I now have five 250 SolarXtreme COB LEDs. My cultivars have never smelled better, and they are much quieter by far . . . if you are hesitant to try one, they have an excellent return option. But you will not return it ever.”

—Randall H., SolarXtreme 250

“Been using this light for three weeks, and growth has exploded compared to the 150w HPS I was using.”

—Brock Saunders, SolarXtreme 250

“I purchased the SolarXtreme 250 as a standalone for seedlings and my wife’s succulents for winter time. I waited for 30 days to write this to allow burn in time and see how it holds up. This is a great light! It is solid in construction, gives off a full spectrum. My plant that is under it right now loves it and is very healthy . . . the heat is low and easy to maintain. Fan is a fan—it can be heard but not annoying. If you are thinking of buying a cheaper light from online, I would tell you not to waste your money. My wife bought a ‘full spectrum’ LED from another brand, and it was junk. This light is worth every penny.”

—Craig Brockette, SolarXtreme 250

“Love this light. Well built, powerful, and much cooler than the CMH light I was using and very quiet. It is plug & play, hangs easy, and plants seem to really like it. Bought two of them, and so far I’m really impressed with the light, customer service, and supporting information on the website. Definitely will be doing business here in the future.”

—Geoerge E., SolarXtreme 500

“I have gone through a number of different LED lights trying to see what my garden responds to the best, and hands down the SolarXtreme 500 takes the cake. Not only does the garden love the light, it came extremely fast. Ordered on a Friday received it Monday afternoon. Outstanding construction . . . currently ordering a SolarXtreme 1000 backed with recently purchased 500 will fill my 8×4 tent with plenty of light. Definitely will continue to use California LightWorks.”

—Aaron Hollowell, SolarXtreme 500

“ . . . in just a week under my new 500, [my plants] have shown growth equivalent to 2-3 weeks under the previous light. Will be adding another one soon!”

—Jacob Walker, SolarXtreme 500

“A great light that has performed beyond my expectations. Hands down the best bang for your buck. The only thing better than this has to be the flagship SolarSystem version, which I look forward to owning in the future.”

—Kevin Landskroener, SolarXtreme 1000

What Customers are Saying About the All-New GH Pro 340


The GH Pro 340 revolutionizes supplemental greenhouse lighting. Designed for expansive coverage and minimal shadow effect, this LED grow light ensures every plant gets the light it needs. The GH Pro 340 is chainable, saving you big on installation costs. It also boasts industry-leading efficiency at up to 3.0 micromoles per joule.

And with digital spectrum control and a wireless photo sensor for automatic light balancing, this supplemental LED light truly does pick up where the sun leaves off.

California LightWorks LED Grow Lights Customer Reviews for the GH Pro typically read like this:

“Amazing—this light made me yield double.”



We’re also proud that the GH Pro 340 was Harborside Farms’ first choice when this industry-leading grower set up their state of the art greenhouse. Take a look at the feedback we received from them.

“The coolest thing you guys developed that I was struggling with was the ability to dim the white light and go all purple as the sun is coming up. Like yesterday, the fog came in and didn’t leave until 10:30. We barely had 130-200 umols of light in our houses. Lights can kick on and now we have 750 umols in these houses. So we’re pretty excited about that.”

—Doug Brothers, Harborside Farms


“When we were thinking about the construction project [of the new greenhouse], we were thinking, ‘Man, how are we going to build all this infrastructure in this short time period?’ Then we found out we were dealing with Cal LightWorks lights. That meant all we needed to do was hang strut, conduit, put up the lights . . . it was super fast. The cost that you’re saving on this particular light . . . the cost on labor, the cost on parts, we don’t have to build any contactors or do any relay logic . . . that saved an incredible amount of time.”

—Chase Matthew of Palmer Electric


What Customers are Saying About Us


Grow lighting is a complex topic. No matter which lighting brand you work with, you’re bound to have questions. That’s why we believe California LightWorks is defined as much by our team as by our products.

Here’s how our growers feel about their interactions with our U.S.-based customer support team:

“I love this company and the products they sell. Adam in sales/customer service is so knowledgeable and absolutely unflappable and on point. I was so pleased to talk to someone who knew everything I did and more. All of my questions were answered in a prompt fashion and with scientific information where all other companies failed to provide the data I needed.”

—Jeff M.

“Although I had to return my product because of unfortunate circumstances on my end, they were very understanding and had no problem with sending the product back. Very kind and great to work with. I am going to be getting a smaller version of the SolarXtreme in the near future. Can’t wait to put one of these to use!!”

—Eliot Dean

You heard them! We’re friendly, informative, accommodating, and motivated to help growers cultivate superior crops. If you have any questions about our products, please reach out and let us show you what all the buzz is about.


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