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An LED grow light system from California LightWorks can be used in a large commercial setting as well as in a small home grow in a tent. Our latest SolarXtreme series LED plant lights are suited for meeting your individual needs in tent installations. Our SolarXtreme horticulture LED lights are easy to use whether you’re a beginner or seasoned pro. You can also use the SolarXtreme series alongside our SolarSystem UVB grow lights Low heat output, energy efficiency, and a long operating life from these fixtures contribute to long-term cost savings.


Our full-spectrum LED lights include the SolarXtreme 500, which draws 400 watts and has a heat output of 1,280 BTU, but you can save even more with the SolarXtreme 250 grow light system that draws just 200 watts and outputs 640 BTU of heat. The SolarXtreme 1000, our high-end model of indoor LED grow lights, draws 800 watts and delivers a heat output of 2,550 BTU. No LED drivers are used in our series, thanks to a chip-on-board design and direct AC drive technology. An active thermal management system contributes to efficiency as well.


Experienced in all aspects of indoor grow lights, our team can help you choose an LED grow light system and even help you install it. Call 800-575-3475 today for expert advice and assistance to help meet your personal growing requirements.

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