SolarSystem® 1100 UVB

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  • The SolarSystem 1100 UVB (SS 1100UVB) combines our two most powerful commercial LED grow lights—the SolarSystem 1100 and the SolarSystem UVB—into one powerhouse package. Included in the package is one (1) SolarSystem 1100, two (2) SolarSystem UVBs, and a pair of special brackets to mount the SolarSystem UVBs to the SolarSystem 1100. This is a perfect setup for fans of the discontinued SolarStorm 880.

    The SolarSystem 1100 UVB is ideal as one grow light system in a tent or with multiple units chained together in a larger application. During the last two weeks of flower before harvest, chain the UVBs together for power and connect them to a timer for maximum output.

    Featuring an active thermal management system, this LED grow light system has a peak operating temperature of 107°F while consuming 0-800 watts. The SolarSystem 1100 UVB offers a 5’ x 5’ bloom coverage area. It is ideal for commercial crop production and contributes powerful light that maximizes photosynthesis while promoting a highly controlled environment.

    This commercial indoor LED lighting system is durable and energy-efficient. It is UL- and CE-certified, while a digital programmable spectrum control helps optimize output. This UVB grow lights are dimmable on three channels from 0% to 100%. The maximum light wattage is 24 W, so you get large LED grow lights with minimal impact on energy consumption.

    • Advanced LED Grow Light System
    • Replaces a 1000-watt HPS with 40% Less Energy
    • Fully Programmable Spectrum Control*
    • Higher Yields and Better Quality
    • Perfect for Propagation, Veg, or Bloom
    • Never Needs Bulbs—Easy to Install
    • Perfect for Small- or Large-Scale Grows
    • *SolarSystem Controller Required (Sold Separately)



Download the SolarSystem UVB User Guide for installation instructions.

SolarSystem 1100 UVB Tutorials, Videos & Articles

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SolarSysteme Controller LED Grow Lights

SolarSystem® Controller

• Touch screen digital controller

• Manual or automatic programmable spectrum control

• Automatic multi-voltage power supply

• 24-hour clock with minute by minute programming

• 0% – 100% three band spectrum control

• Day/Week/Month/Season Calendar

• Save multiple programs and routines

• One touch view mode for natural white lighting

• Battery power back-up

• Network an unlimited number of lights from a single controller

And much, much more!

Get the SolarSystem® Controller

Love Buds in Love County Equipped with California Lightworks LED Grow Lights

Love Buds in Love County is a family-owned and operate cultivator and processor located in Love County, Oklahoma. We have equipped their commercial grow with our most powerful LED Grow lights on the market. Take a look at SolarSystem 550, 550 Veg, 1100, UVB, and controller all in action.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Great product

Final results not in but as of now I’m pretty sure it will be great !!!!!!!


It was backorder and I just got made week ago. I still put my tent together. Plug it in and it worked. Now I'm waiting for the controller it should be here tomorrow that being said I'll get back with you guys.
Keep your fingers across!!!!!

Awesome system

Very satisfied with products

Great product

Purchased one 1100 to compare with other led light and hps. The growth with this light is far superior and the heat generated is significantly less making the environment and growing cost less as well. Well worth the cost and the training videos are helpful with the controller setup and scheduling.

Highly recommend

Exceeded my expectations. Great product.

Great lights but still waiting on my U V B add ons

Ordered SolarSystem1100UVB. Got the light and controller but still have not received my uvb lights. Happy with the products received but not happy and still waiting !!!!


These lights are amazing! The ability to make daily or even hourly changes make the difference between growing commercial bud, or private reserve quality!! The taste, density and presentation are first class.


So far I’m 3 weeks in with the new lights and you can tell a big difference. I was looking to get whole sale or talk to someone about it since I wanted to purchase a couple of them but no one gets back to you that’s the only thing that I’m not so happy about but other than that I’m extremely satisfied with the light definitely a great investment.

Wholesale orders are only available for shops. If you'd like to email me at with how many lights you are looking to purchase I can send you the best price we can do. Thanks!

In three weeks of flower mode

I no longer need any air conditioning in the room other than what runs through the original Vents The controller works flawlessly and the light works perfect as well I’m very concerned tho because I’ve only grown with 1000 W HPS in the past the canopy is much more even with this light in the bud structure at three weeks looks as good or better than the thousand watt HPS. only time will tell with the finished product cherry cream pie So far so good I’ll update a review after harvest and comparison I’ve grown the strain many times so I’ll know what to look for I also purchased a 550 for my veg and have no issues with it so far


Awesome light. And great customer service

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