SolarXtreme® 500

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  • Providing coverage for 16 square feet, our SolarXtreme 500 full-spectrum LED grow lights support all phases of the growing cycle, whether used for small-scale home growing or in a grow tent. The grow light system’s innovative design eliminates LED drivers. This is because of a revolutionary chip-on-board design and direct AC drive built into the unit.

    High-efficiency LEDs provide an output that draws less energy and results in much lower costs than traditional LED lights. At the same time, this latest addition to our line of LED plant lights puts out the full spectrum, and there’s no need to adjust the system based on changes to your yield. You can, therefore, optimize plant health and get more of it per wattage. In fact, this product consumes as much as half the electricity of traditional LED greenhouse lights.

    This compact unit offers the following advantages of large LED lights, so your home or small growing operation can thrive:

    Power Draw: 400w
    500 PPFD Distance: 24"
    800 PPFD Distance: 18"
    Max Current: 3.3A @120v
    Coverage Area: Up to 4' x 4'
    Heat Output: 1280 BTU
    Dimensions: 18" x 8.5" x 4"
    Weight: 11 lbs.
    Thermal Management: Active
    Warranty:3 Years

    SolarXtreme Optigrow Full Spectrum

    *The SolarXtreme 500 is not compatible with the SolarSystem Controller. SolarXtreme series lights must be plugged into a standard timer for automated scheduling.

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    What is the difference between SolarXtreme and SolarSystem series lights?

Customer Reviews

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Research your lights

I have looked all over the internet and discovered several quality companies that make great grow lights among the many questionable companies that make much lower quality lights with made up numbers and no warranty. I determined from the good companies that there are many quality options to choose from. I have chosen California lightworks because of their quality lights and warranty and that the price was at my level of affordability. Sure, i wanted to get the solar extreme 1000 but the 500 was what I could afford now. I have not set it up yet as i am still trying to get more needed equipment for my grow tent. As soon as i can afford to finish my setup i will give an actual review on the light and the outcome of my grow.

Best Grow light for homegrows!

Using in a 4x4 tent with great results. Can only get 3 plants in veg right now because of the size already.
5 weeks vegetative. I'm not a professional grower 😀
Money well spent.

Thank you may I have another.

Bought a solar extreme 250 loved my results so much I bought another a bigger one the solar extreme 500.


Amazing company, amazing results. I have the 250 and the 500. Five star all the way!

Great light!

Started some hot pepper seedlings under these lights, as well as some basil and it's working great! Seedlings are super healthy and the light has plenty of coverage area (I have about 18 seedlings under the light at the moment, with room for more). The light is solid as a rock and puts out tons of light. It does generate quite a bit of heat so keep that in mind for your grow setup, but this is a pro for me as I'm growing in an unheated basement. Will definitely buy more of these (and possibly some of the other models) in the future! A+

Great product!

Excellent light and simple to install. Electric meter spinning slower now!

Very nice

I have 3 500's in my 4x8 tent they work amazing. My only concern is they get pretty warm im trying to control that with 3 fans. Other than that they deliver as expected.

Solar Extreme 500

This light is awesome!


Got this light for our jade plants.
This device is AMAZING, pulled them right up. Very well constructed, very well designed. I would recommend this light, as it really, REALLY works well.

500 sextream

Great Light, runs a little warmer then I expected.

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