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Full Spectrum Control: Applications and Advantages of SpectraMax Vertical 1000

Advantages of SpectraMax

Finding the right light makes all the difference between high yield and low growth. Using the latest technology, California LightWorks has created a new option for growers to optimize their operations and improve production. Any indoor grower’s biggest concerns include energy, space, and control. All of these are addressed with the SpectraMAx Vertical 1000. Keep reading to learn more about the advantages of SpectraMax Vertical 1000 and how it can benefit your indoor cultivation efforts.

SpectraMax Tour

The SpectraMax Vertical 1000 utilizes the latest LED technology to offer an ideal model for growers of all sizes looking for indoor solutions. The SMV-1000 puts out 2485 µMoles/s PPF. That’s over 1700 µMoles/m2/s PPFD over a 4’ X 4’ tray. This is more light than any grower could need, but with such a large capacity, you can find the optimal spectrum without lowering the intensity. 


The SpectraMax Vertical 1000 works in theory and in practice. It’s designed with growers in mind and includes essential tools to help boost growth without losing customization and control capabilities.

Space and Time

Due to its lightweight design, the SMV-1000 is easy to install and reduces the set-up time required to integrate the lights into a grow. Growers will also save shelf space with this model thanks to integrated drivers. All square footage is crucial for indoor growing; more space often allows for more growth and a higher yield. You can take full advantage of your shelf space with the SMV-1000 and not lose anything to extra technology that could be bundled together. 

Natural and Stress-Free

Many grows miss out on the natural lighting changes that contribute to growth and plant health. However, the SMV-1000 includes control options to make the changes in the days and seasons seamless and smooth. 

Optimizing specific settings at different stages of plant growth, such as propagation, pre-flower, and final finish can significantly impact the yield. Easy transitions between these stages, such as from the veg to flowering, can reduce stress and promote healthy growth, ultimately leading to higher yields. The SMV-1000 when paired with the touch screen controller features automatic sunset and sunrise functions that help mimic natural conditions and create an optimal growing environment, further reducing stress on the plants.

Advantages of SpectraMax

How can the SMV-1000 help you get ahead in growth? Aside from the above capabilities, it’s designed to save you money while using the latest technology to continue to improve growing operations.

Full Control

Achieving optimal indoor growing conditions requires constant monitoring and control, as external elements can negatively impact growth. To simplify this process, it is essential to have tools and technology that work in harmony and facilitate seamless communication to manage the environment effectively.

Maintaining consistent indoor conditions is crucial for plant health, and while it may seem like everything works independently, California Lightworks takes a different approach. The SpectraMax Vertical 1000 can seamlessly integrate with the California Lightworks digital touchscreen controller, allowing growers to regulate light intensity, spectrum, and timing to ensure optimal plant growth. This level of control helps you run a grow without the need for constant monitoring. You can program changes to take place throughout the day and schedule adjustments by the hour, week, month, or grow cycle. 

Energy Saver

Indoor cultivation requires a substantial amount of energy. While indoor growing offers benefits such as year-round capabilities and control over environmental factors like water and light, high electricity consumption can significantly drain resources. To maintain profitability, yields must consistently increase to support operations. While modern systems often require more electricity, there are ways to reduce costs while maintaining a cutting-edge indoor grow space.

One solution is to use energy-efficient setups, such as solar panels and LED lights, which promote sustainability and reduce spending. The SpectraMax Vertical 1000 is a new option that can help boost yields and cut costs. It utilizes the best Osram diodes, offering efficiencies of up to 3.5 micromoles per joule. The Osram LEDs used have a lifespan of over 100,000 hours, providing another way to save time, money, and your own energy. There’s no need to budget consistently for new bulbs with these LEDs lasting so long. 

Optimal Control 

The SpectraMax Vertical 1000 is the latest design created to help growers succeed without sacrificing both quality and quantity. This light provides a wide range of capabilities, all while saving energy and saving you money. It is designed for indoor level control and allows for all programmed needs to set a schedule throughout the seasons. Want the full specs? Read more about the SpectraMax Vertical 1000 here and learn more about how you can boost growth.


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