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Introducing the SpectraMax Vertical 1000: The Ultimate Spectrum Control

SpectraMAX Vertical 1000

Want to take your growing capabilities to the next level? California Lightworks presents the latest growing tool for your green needs. The SpectraMax Vertical 1000 combines the latest technology and tools to help maximize growth and minimize energy usage. 

It’s an ideal light for indoor horticulture and is one of the most powerful grow lights available. As the lightest all-aluminum fixture in this light category, the SMV-1000 offers complete programmable digital spectrum control at the highest PAR light output available from California Lightworks. With these kinds of specs, you can experience both the highest quality and the highest yields possible. 

SpectraMAX Vertical 1000: Efficient and Effective

Increasing yield to meet costs is one of the biggest struggles today in the growing field. It has become more expensive with the rise in electrical costs, difficulty with supply chains, and maintaining consistency in output. Using the best tools available can help, but they must also be efficient. The SMV-1000 uses the very best Osram diodes, offering efficiencies of up to 3.5 micromoles per joule. This guarantees the highest output for the lowest electricity usage. 

With the SpectraMax Vertical 1000, you get an output of 2485 µMoles/s PPF. That’s over 1700 µMoles/m2/s PPFD over a 4’ X 4’ tray. This amount of light is more than any grower could need, but with such immense capacity, you have the headroom to find the optimal spectrum without lowering intensity levels. 

The SMV-1000 is designed to help growers increase yield and cut down on costs, including replacement lights. These were made to last with diodes designed to exceed 100,000 hours. That’s a lot of grow time. And the costs saved in the long term will help boost growth beginning the day they’re installed. 

Room to Grow

When working within an indoor growing facility, space is everything. Designing a space for maximum plants and growth requires careful planning and proper equipment. Space cannot be wasted when it could be helping to provide more for the plants and allowing growers to have better access to them. 

California Lightworks knows how important space becomes when working in a constrained environment. Many other light fixtures require large LED drivers to be mounted on a rack. The SpectraMAX Vertical 1000 is different. It uses integrated drivers so the fixtures themselves can be mounted in more areas. They can be tucked more easily underneath shelves, providing more room for plants, which allows for more yield. And the lightweight design helps make installation easier as well. 

Keep Up Control With SpectraMAX Vertical 1000

Maintaining the growth of hundreds or thousands of plants requires precise timing and control of all environmental conditions. You must monitor the humidity, heat, light, and more to ensure proper conditions so your plants stay healthy and on track. With unpredictable weather and extreme temperatures, an indoor operation must combat many external forces. 

However, maintaining control and consistent monitoring is possible with the right tools. The SpectraMax 1000 can connect to the California Lightworks digital touchscreen controller, which provides total control over intensity, spectrum, and timing, ensuring your plants receive precisely what they need. 

Depending on your preference, it can be planned and adjusted by the hour, week, month, or grow cycle. Specific settings also help with certain timings like propagation, preflower, and final finish. Easy transitions between crucial moments like veg to flower help plants by reducing stress, which ultimately contributes to higher yields. The automatic sunset/sunrise function also keeps stress down by mimicking nature and creating the ideal growing environment. 

The Right Light For High Yields

Production and high yields are only possible with healthy plants. Providing the right light and environment is the only way to guarantee health and growth. Working indoors allows maximum control but requires constant monitoring and attention to the most minute details. Using tools that help you do that allows for successful yields season after season. 
If you want to ensure easy installation, long-lasting lights, and the capabilities to monitor your growth environment, the SpectraMAX Vertical 1000 is an ideal solution. These lights are made to last and include a five-year warranty to keep you worry-free. Learn more about all the SMV-1000 has to offer on our website and see how you can increase your growth today.


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