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SolarSystem Series Replaces SolarStorm LED Grow Lights

SolarSystem Series Replaces SolarStorm

We at California Lightworks are still very proud of our SolarStorm series LEDs. These powerful LED grow lights have helped countless cultivators produce high yields and quality products. Our SolarStorm 880 was even voted #1 LED Grow Light by Ezvid. So it’s not surprising that our growers have a lot of questions about SolarSystem, which has replaced the SolarStorm series. Rest assured, we’ve still got you covered. Our decision to discontinue SolarStorm was based on our own rapidly advancing technology. The SolarSystem series by California Lightworks is more than a replacement. It’s a major upgrade. Our SolarSystem Series Replaces SolarStorm in addition to extra features including:

  • High intensity, full spectrum LED lighting
  • Rated life of 50,000+ hours
  • Up to 50% energy savings over HID grow lights
  • Easy installation
  • Power levels from 200-800 watts
  • Optional UVB light for greater potency
  • High quality LEDs from industry leader Osram

We made sure our customers didn’t lose a single advantage when we replaced the SolarStorm series with SolarSystem. In fact, now you have even more to gain.

To help you become better acquainted with these new products, we’ve provided answers to your FAQs right here.

First things first:


How is the SolarSystem Series Different from the SolarStorm Series?


Our new SolarSystem lights are designed for even better performance, better customer protection, and highest quality yields. With this new series, you can look forward to:

  • A 5-year warranty (vs. a 3-year warranty with SolarStorm)
  • More compact housing and lighter weight fixtures
  • Larger coverage areas to cover any size grow with fewer fixtures

However, we believe the most exciting feature of the SolarSystem series is the programmable digital spectrum control.

We know fans of SolarStorm love how easy it is to switch between the veg and bloom spectrums. SolarSystem lamps are just as easy to use but offer even more variability. Every light in the series allows you to adjust the light spectrum from 0-99%. You can even program the spectrum up to 365 days.

Optimize each phase of growth, manage transitions with our sunrise/sunset setting, and manipulate your grow cycle. You’ve never had this much control over your crop.


What Lighting Options are Available in the SolarSystem Series?


The SolarSystem series contains six variable spectrum LED grow lights:

With this variety, you’re bound to find the perfect light for your grow room. The series also includes the SolarSystem UVB. This UVB lamp works alongside your LED grow lights to boost trichome production in the flowering phase.

You can program your light spectrum and photoperiods using the SolarSystem Controller, compatible with all products in this series.


Which Lights from SolarSystem Series Replaces SolarStorm Series?


Eager to upgrade your system? Or is it time to replace your old SolarStorm lamp? If you want to select a SolarSystem light of equivalent intensity, we recommend:

  • Replace SolarStorm 880 with SolarSystem 1100 or SolarSystem 1100 UVB
  • Replace SolarStorm 440 with SolarSystem 550 or SolarSystem 550 Veg
  • Replace SolarStorm 220 with SolarSystem 275 or SolarSystem 275 Veg
  • Replace SolarStorm 110 with SolarSystem 275 or SolarSystem 275 Veg


What About the SolarStorm Warranty?


Our technology may be surging forward, but we at California Lightworks still stand behind all our products, past and present. We continue to honor the warranty on your SolarStorm product. For a nominal fee, we may even be able to help with repairs for lamps that are out of warranty.

If you’d like assistance with a repair, reach out to our U.S.-based customer service department.


How Can I Learn More About the SolarSystem Series?


Want to find out more about the SolarSystem series? For a deeper dive:

Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re happy to answer any of your inquiries, and we always love talking LED lights with dedicated growers.


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