Switch from HPS to LED Lighting

Introducing Greenhouse Professional 340 (GHPro 340) by California LightWorks

We are excited to announce a cutting-edge supplemental LED light for greenhouse grows: the GHPro 340.

Using the latest advancements in LED technology and LEDs directly from industry-leader Osram, we have helped countless commercial growers increase yields and quality with lights like the SolarSystem® series. Now, we’re introducing a supplemental LED light made specifically for greenhouse operations.

This high-efficiency, spectrum variable LED light gives greenhouse growers optimum control over their growth cycle and product. Equipped with photosensors to read the levels of natural light, the GHPro 340 automatically dims or brightens to complement the natural light available to your crop. The unit features a thin profile to limit shadowing and ensure an even spread across the entire canopy.


That’s our new light in a snapshot. Of course, you might be wondering what makes the GH Pro 340 worth your investment at a time when there are countless supplemental lighting options.

Here are a few more details to fill you in.

Achieve a Higher ROI For Your Grow Operations

investment dramatically improve. In fact, growers who support their greenhouse crop with LED lighting have reported increasing their yields by as much as 40%.

The reasons for this are simple. Supplemental LED lighting allows you to extend your days, extend your growing season, and bathe your plants with light for an even yield all year round. You can also eliminate shaded areas and enjoy control over your crop’s access to light even on overcast days and darker seasons.

The GH Pro 340, in particular, comes with variable spectrum control, which means you can adjust your light spectrum for the needs of your specific plants and their current stage of growth. A variable spectrum also helps you guide plants through the grow cycle more quickly and gives you control over your plants’ perception of the season. This feature is also your key to controlling the chemical profile of your product for higher potency and undeniable quality.

If you’re curious to know how all these things add up to higher yields and higher profits for your specific greenhouse operation, we invite you to reach out for a free ROI analysis.

Total Control Over Light Spectrum and Crop

Not only does the GH Pro 340 allow you to adjust the LED light spectrum according to the needs of your plants, but it also communicates wirelessly with photosensors to automatically balance light levels with the light available from the sun. This feature allows you to create an unlimited number of variable zones according to the season.

As for managing the light spectrum itself, the GH Pro offers wireless digital spectrum control through our exclusive Bluetooth mesh application. The GH Pro 340, the application, and the photosensors all work together through local and cloud-based data communication to help you maintain the perfect light levels and spectrum for your plants. No guesswork. No experimentation. The GH Pro 340 is designed to help you get it right immediately so you can start to see higher yields and a better ROI immediately.

How the GHPro 340 Compares with Other Supplemental Lighting Options

Some growers look at the initial investment of LED supplemental lighting and are tempted to opt for HPS lights. The truth is that the GH Pro 340 can best all other lighting options in terms of ROI, and that the payoff shows up sooner than you’d expect.

With an efficiency of up to 3.0 umol/j, this light consumes as much as 50% less heat and electricity than HPS lights. The GHPro 340 also lasts much longer, with a lifespan of 50,000 hours (the average HPS bulb needs to be changed in as little as 5000 hours).

Growers who choose the GHPro 340 also save big on installation costs. There is no external driver or ballast. It features precut waterproof cables and automatic voltage recognition for 90-277v. This chainable light allows for installation of up to 10 lights from a single power drop. Plus, thanks to the wireless controls mentioned above, there is no need for contractor panels. The GH Pro 340 can be installed at a fraction of the cost of any other lighting alternatives, especially other LED lighting options.

Not to mention . . .

You Could Even Get a Rebate for Switching to Supplemental LED Lighting

Thanks to the extremely high efficiency of LED lights, there extensive rebates available for greenhouse growers who choose LED lighting. If there are rebates available in your area (and there most likely are), you would be eligible with the GHPro 340. Our light is UL listed and included on the DLC Qualified Products List for horticulture. Drop us a line, and we’ll be happy to help you find out if you qualify for a rebate.

We’re excited to provide greenhouse growers with another cost-effective option for increasing yields and cultivating their best product yet. We are also grateful to you for always inspiring us to push forward towards new innovations that better support your goals.

To learn more about the GHPro 340, please contact us at any time. We’d be happy to help you find the best LED lighting solutions for your crop.


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