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Why California LightWorks Only Uses Osram LEDs

Osram LEDs

At California LightWorks, we exclusively use Osram LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) on all our SolarSystem® and GH Pro series fixtures. Osram has long been a leader in LED technology. Their components are known for efficacy, power, durability, and longevity. In a word, Osram LEDs represent premium quality. This is why we at California LightWorks use nothing else.

We believe our growers deserve top-quality lighting solutions. We also believe successful cultivation requires a full understanding of the equipment you use. This means we as a manufacturer owe you full transparency, from the components we use to our lighting metrics.

To that end, allow us to introduce Osram LEDs.


What are Osram LEDs?

Osram is a German-based LED innovator. The company is known for developing, advancing, and producing the highest quality light-emitting diodes on the market.

We at California LightWorks use LEDs from Osram’s OSLON® collection. The LEDs in this family are designed to meet the unique needs of cultivation, including:

  • High Efficacy
  • High Power
  • Longevity
  • Low Thermal Resistance

These LEDs feature ceramic-based packaging and are resistant to corrosion, meeting our high standards for manufacturing grow lights that last.

Osram LEDs are setting the industry standard when it comes to efficiency with some diodes exceeding 70%.  This means we’re able to provide our growers with an even higher return on investment due to major savings in energy costs.

We also love the quality of the diode itself. We’ve done the research on our end to understand the science of cultivation. We know the spectrum and light intensity plants need to thrive. The OSLON® collection provides this light quality better than any other LED series on the market.


Does Using Premium LEDs Make Grow Lights More Expensive?

We speak with a lot of growers who are already aware of Osram’s prestigious reputation. They know the value of these LEDs, and they recognize our lights as the cream of the crop.

But most assume that premium LED grow lights are too expensive and they cannot afford them. Let us assure you: If you’re serious about cultivation, top-shelf horticulture lighting saves you more money in the long run.

There are plenty of cheap LED grow lights in the market. But over time, you lose money to:

  • High energy costs
  • Frequent replacement costs
  • Flimsy warranties
  • Poor yields

At California LightWorks, our lights and company standards are designed to help you get the most out of your investment. We use premium Osram LEDs because we know it saves you money through:

  • Significant reduction in your total energy cost, including supplemental cooling.
  • Rated life of 50,000+ hours so replacement is infrequent.
  • A five-year fixture warranty, ensuring you get at least five years out of your lamp. (You can actually expect 10 years or more.)
  • High yields and a high-quality product.

We also offer guidance, helping you determine the best light for your specific application. In fact, our team of experts creates a free lighting plan to ensure your success with California LightWorks.

In short, the immediate investment of premium LED grow lights is higher than that of inferior lamps. But you save significantly more money in the long run.


Beyond Osram LEDs: Our Full Commitment to Excellence

Osram LEDsplay a significant role in helping us manufacture industry-leading products.

But this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Every component in our LED grow lights is engineered or selected to ensure the best performance. This includes features such as:

  • Durable housing
  • Chainable design
  • Digital spectrum control (SolarSystem and Greenhouse Pro)
  • Bluetooth mesh technology (Greenhouse Pro)
  • Photosensors (Greenhouse Pro)
  • Built-in cooling
  • And much more

From concept to execution, we are committed to producing the highest quality lights on the market.

If you’d like to see our lights in action, we invite you to check out how major growers are putting our lights to work. And if we can help you find the right premium lighting option for your facility, contact us anytime.


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