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Research Shows LED Grow Lights May Produce More Medicinal Properties in Cannabis

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Being manufacturers of LED grow lights in Southern California, we constantly stress the benefits of using LED over traditional greenhouse methods to get the most out of your plants or vegetation. A recent study conducted by the Wageningen University & Research Centre in Netherlands shows promising results for LED grow lights.

Background of the Study

The study was conducted using two light sources: HPS & LED units. The crops grown using LED were exposed to two different intensities of light. One of the light intensities was equal to that of the HPS units used and the other was considerably higher. Keeping all else equal, plants were finally measured during the harvest when fresh and dried.

Results of the Study

This was no surprise to us, but the results came back and the researchers found that medicinal cannabis is able to withstand high lighting levels well.

Moreover, they also found that the crops that were grown under high light intensity produced a higher bud weight when compared to the same crops grown under normal light intensity.

Furthermore, the study found that in all varieties of light, crops grown using LED produced a higher content of active substances (i.e. CBD & THC) than crops using HPS lamps with the same light intensity.

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Final Note

Medicinal cannabis has steadily increased over the years as people are turning to cannabis as an alternative treatment for a variety of different ailments & illnesses. As a result, it’s important to continue researching safe, reliable, and efficient methods of growing. LED grow lights are considered safe and efficient for use in horticulture & greenhouse operations.

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