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MegaDrive Vertical 800 Series LED Grow Lights: More Power for Unprecedented Yields

MegaDrive Vertical 800 Series LED Grow Lights installed inside an indoor growing facility.

You are cultivating cannabis in a constantly evolving marketplace, with increased pressures, challenges, and economic barriers. California Lightworks offers solutions that not only help you create a more sustainable business but also reduce costs and increase efficiency. The MegaDrive® Vertical 800 Series LED Grow Lights are the solution for your operation to maximize power and produce unprecedented yields in a vertical grow environment.

By shifting from outdated technologies and strategies, you can adopt vertical shelf growing and see a boom in production. The MegaDrive® Vertical 800 Series LED Grow Lights have the capabilities necessary to overcome the growing challenges of space, nutrients, plant health, and growth stages.

As businesses accelerate to the target goal of net-zero emissions, innovations like the MegaDrive Vertical 800 Series are setting the stage for sustainable growth.

Below, we’ll provide a brief overview of the gains you can achieve by implementing MegaDrive® Vertical 800 Series LED Grow Lights.

What exactly is the MegaDrive® Vertical 800 Series?


A total upgrade to start. One of the biggest cannabis trends of 2022 is upgrading to LED lights. In 2016, only 21% of cultivators reported using LED lights in the propagation stages, and even less in the vegetative and flowering stages. By 2020, over 50% of cultivators reported using LED lights in all three stages.

The New MegaDrive® Vertical 800 Series is designed for indoor growing and features 800 watts of power, making the MegaDrive® Vertical 800 one of the most powerful grow lights on the market. The Vertical 800 Series is chainable, with up to 12 lights running from a single power drop and driver. This drastically saves on installation costs and eliminates heat from the grow room.

It also features programmable two-channel spectrum control to ensure optimum lighting in all phases of growth. Best of all, the new MegaDrive® Vertical Series reduces fixture costs and improves operating efficiencies, producing up to 3.5 uMoles/J efficacy.

  • Reduced Fixture Costs by 30%
  • Reduce Installation Costs by up to 80%
  • Best Spectrum for all Grow Phases
  • Reduced Heat in the Grow Room
  • Lowest Energy Consumption
  • Award-Winning Support

The system is perfectly sized for a standard vertical setup, featuring a single driver and drop for up to 12 fixtures, these lights are designed to maximize your yields, potency, and profits.

How do Two-Channel Spectrum and Sequential Dimming Work?


The two-channel spectrum control for veg, pre-flower, flower, and final finishing is one of the most powerful features of the MegaDrive Vertical 800 LED Grow Lights.

The sequential dimming and spectrum control allow for better care of indoor plants in that you can change the color of the lights to counteract environmental stressors on your facility and allow your plants to thrive.

This means bigger, better quality yields, and more profit – all while decreasing your environmental impact and constraining runaway costs amid a strained market.

What other benefits do the MegaDrive Vertical 800 LED Grow Lights offer?


As mentioned, the central power supply runs 12 lights from a single power drop and driver. This makes it so that your plants are better protected from unnecessary heat, and you can have more space for more plants.

Heat Reduction

The heat reduction means savings on cooling and a reduction in your company’s carbon emissions.

Easy Control System

The system is also controlled by a range of options including a hardwired touch screen, wireless Bluetooth, or even third-party controllers.

Customer Services

The Vertical 800 Series is manufactured in California and all customer service is based in the United States.

Is Installing the MegaDrive Vertical 800 Difficult?


The MegaDrive Series is delivered with the fixtures, all cables, all electrical connectors, hanging hardware, and power supplies, along with mounting hardware for the power supplies. Your electrician just has to connect the power supply to the electrical panel. The rest of the installation can be handled by unskilled labor.

We also provide a custom light plan for your layout and determine what connecting cable lengths need to be and the length from the power supply to the first fixture.



At California Lightworks, we pride ourselves on helping growers of all levels thrive. We’ve designed our MegaDrive Vertical 800 LED lighting fixture to help commercial growers maximize their vertical shelf growing in terms of efficiency, yield, and revenue. To learn more about our MegaDrive Vertical 800, please feel free to reach out here, and someone will be in touch with you shortly.


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