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How To Get The Most Out Of Your MegaDrive® System’s Features

MegaDrive® System's Features

It’s competitive out there right now for cultivators. Depending on the crop produced, there can often be a flood on the market at any given time, driving prices down. We highlight how using your MegaDrive® system’s features at different stages of the process can help you achieve optimal outcomes for your bottom line. The only way to survive this competitive environment is to gain efficiencies wherever possible while producing the most desirable final product you can. With this in mind, growers should take full advantage of every feature of their chosen cultivation technology, lighting being chief among them.

MegaDrive® from California Lightworks is a top-of-the-line system featuring chainable LED fixtures that offer critical advantages over the competition, including a valuable suite of features that, when used properly, can help take your grow from barely making it to solidly into the black. Available in configurations for single-level indoor, greenhouse, vertical setups for multi-level operations, and a variety of wattages, MegaDrive® offers the highest quality at very competitive prices.

Here, we provide an overview of different ways to utilize your MegaDrive® system’s features at various stages of the process to give yourself the best possible outcome for your bottom line.

Design Phase

Before you ever have an actual fixture in your hands, California Lightworks’ personalized approach to every client is a key feature of the system. All the customized wiring and layout required to run your new lighting system will be measured and designed to fit into the required space. MegaDrive®’s offering in various wattages is also key to its success. During this stage, you can choose between Vertical and Linear configurations and how much wattage you desire. The MegaDrive® Vertical is available in 400, 600, and 800-watt configurations, and the MegaDrive® Linear is available in 400 and dual 400-watt (800 total watts) formats.

Once you have everything picked out and customized, it will all be delivered to you in a single shipment. This way, once it arrives, you have the complete plug and play system ready to install – including the fixtures, all cables, hanging hardware and controls.

Installing MegaDrive®

One of the best features of MegaDrive® is the separation of the drivers from the LED fixtures. This is done through the use of the MegaDrive® Power Supply (MDP), a stand-alone driver capable of supporting up to 27 fixtures, depending on wattage. Besides eliminating the main failure point of other lighting systems; sensitive electronic drivers in hot, humid environments, the lack of drivers over your grow area reduces grow room heat, dropping cooling costs. And, as one would expect, installation costs and overall clutter are significantly reduced. In fact, many growers see installation savings of up to 80%. For a detailed breakdown of how to install the MegaDrive® lighting system, click here.

Get Growing: MegaDrive® System’s Features

Once installed, MegaDrive® has various features that will help you optimize your grow operation, such as finding and exploiting efficiencies and allowing for high levels of customization so you can create the exact lighting your plants require.

Wireless Control

While a traditional, hard-wired control option is available, there are a host of third-party and wireless control options that allow you to control your MegaDrive® system from anywhere within Bluetooth range or from anywhere over the Internet via WiFi. 

Customizable Spectrum

Full, two-channel spectrum control is another key feature of MegaDrive®. This allows for customizing different light spectrums for different stages of plant growth. By providing your crop with the exact spectrum and intensity it needs for different stages of development, you optimize your yields and quality – all while minimizing electrical costs.

Photo Sensor

If you’re using our MegaDrive® Linear series in a greenhouse environment, then the optional wireless photo sensor will be a significant plus. Light output targets in the system are measured against actual light levels, with supplemental lighting only kicking in to the required degree. This helps save money and ensures you are always supplying the right amount of light to your plants.


When describing MegaDrive® features, there are two distinct varieties. Those that come in the form of options, planning, and layout assistance and those that are taken advantage of during and following installation. Taken together, they create a customized product that can intelligently assist with managing your lighting needs and offers a high degree of control and automation.
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