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Introducing MegaDrive Vertical Series from California LightWorks

MegaDrive Vertical Series

California LightWorks is excited to introduce the MegaDrive Vertical Series, a new light series designed for multi-level or single-level indoor growing. This new light series significantly improves fixture structure and performance for multi-level and low ceiling indoor growing.

The MegaDrive Vertical Series combines all the advantages of our MegaDrive central power supply with vertical LED fixtures for use on multi-level shelves or low ceiling grow rooms. The groundbreaking technology of the MegaDrive Vertical Series eliminates the need for drivers and power drops over the canopy, resulting in reduced fixture and installation costs and better controls.

This new series is based on our popular MegaDrive remote power supply design can run up to 27 fixtures on a single power supply located outside of the grow room.. We’ve also eliminated the individual drivers from each individual fixture, as well as wiring and power drops from anywhere over the canopy. This results in a lighter weight fixture, decreased installation costs, more flexibility to install and move, and more canopy room underneath the fixtures.

This vertical LED lighting system features programmable two-channel spectrum control to provide optimal lighting for all growth phases We offer industry leading efficiency in our MegaDrive Vertical Series with up to 3.5 uMoles/J efficacy and fixtures come in 400, 600, and 800-watt versions.

4 Different Fixture Designs

The MegaDrive Vertical Series comes in three different fixture designs including: 4X4 Coverage in 400, 600, and 800-watts, as well as a 5X5 coverage fixture in 800 watts. All models feature a folding rack system making the fixture flexible for installation, adjusting, and moving to different facilities.

Each fixture also has a sliding mounting option to be mounted into any space and easily fit into your current racking system. All models also are waterproof to a level of IP66 with water-sealed lenses protecting the LEDs and can handle high-pressure spray, direct spray, and dripping on the fixture.

What makes the MegaDrive Vertical Series stand out is the use of high-power Osram LEDs included in the lighting system. Unlike the competition, which uses low-power white LEDs, California LightWorks brings a mix of white, red, and blue high power LEDs. This provides better penetration into the canopy and variable spectrum control for veg, preflower, flower, and final finishing stages or different strains, all using the same lights.

The programmable control system also provides smooth lighting transitions between veg and flower as well as sunrise and sunset features to help reduce stress on plants and promote more balanced growing.

400-Watt Power Level – 4X4

Our 400-watt power level model of the MegaDrive Vertical Series is made for lighting at the veg stage . The overall lighting fixture is 46 ½ inches by 45 inches and ¼ inch thick allowing the fixture to get as close as possible to the top of the rack and maximize growth space and air movement. A single rack at the 400-watt power level provides a 4×4 canopy coverage.

600-Watt Power Level – 4X4

Our 600-watt power level model is our most popular option in the MegaDrive Vertical Series. The fixture is the same size as our 400-watt model and covers a 4×4 space. The 600-watt model is designed for high efficiency at up to 3.5 micromoles per joule and is perfect for all growth stages.

800-Watt Power Level – 4X4

Our 800-watt power level packs maximum light power over a 4X4 canopy space.. This model is designed for lighting at the flowering stage at extremely high light levels.

800-Watt Power Level – 5X5

Our 800-watt power level model is larger than our 400 and 600-watt models and covers a wider space at 5×5 space coverage. This model is designed for lighting at the flowering stage using 5 foot wide racks or benches.

The Benefits

The MegaDrive Vertical Series is a big improvement for multi-level and single-level indoor growing with better-operating efficiency and reduced fixture and installation costs.

The central power supply removes the individual drivers from the fixtures, reducing up to 30% of fixture costs. The power drops eliminated from above the canopy on the rack also reduce installation costs up to 80%.

The central power supply with the eliminated individual drivers also reduces heat over the canopy by taking all the heat of the driver out of the shelves or grow room entirely. You’re able to mount the power supply in a hallway or anywhere up to 300ft away from the actual lighting fixtures, which allow for flexible, low heat installation for indoor growing.

Our two-channel spectrum control allows for a wide variety of spectrums to be used for any stage of growing, and any combination of strains or growing plants at various stages in the same room.

The MegaDrive Series is delivered with the fixtures, all cables, all electrical connectors, hanging hardware, and power supplies, along with mounting hardware for the power supplies. Your electrician just has to connect the power supply to the electrical panel. The rest of the installation can be handled by unskilled labor. We also provide a light plan for your layout and determine what connecting cable lengths need to be and lengths from the power supply to the first fixture.

Going with our MegaDrive Vertical Series, you’re guaranteed top-quality, made in California fixtures and technology with US-based customer support. California LightWorks also helps you maintain your lighting systems for the duration of your lights.

Ready to Order Your MegaDrive Vertical Series Lighting System?

If you’re interested in further informaiton of a light plan for our MegaDrive Vertical Series, you can request a quote for more information. We’ll be happy to answer any questions and help you choose the right lighting for your needs.


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