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How to Use Hemp LED Grow Lights for Propagation?

hemp led grow lights

Even if you choose to grow your hemp in the warm glow of the sun, propagation is another matter. From breeding seeds to nurturing clones, you need quality indoor lights to cultivate the next generation. And as far as we’re concerned, hemp LED grow lights are the way to go.

It’s true that fluorescent grow lights have long been the champions of propagation. But with fast-evolving technology, hemp LED grow lights offer a versatility that promises great results in all phases of growth. Not to mention, LEDs remain the most energy efficient lights on the market.

If you’re new to these lights, we’ve got you covered. Consider this your quick and simple guide to using LED lamps for propagation.


Why Use Hemp LED Grow Lights for Propagation?


Some growers overlook hemp LED grow lights when setting up a room for propagation. This happens especially when the grower is focused on new plants—seedlings or clones. LED grow lights are known for delivering high light intensity with less energy expense. Considering that plants require low light levels in this early phase of development, why bother with bright lights?

What you have to consider is that certain LED grow lights feature variable spectrum control. This means you can adjust not only the light intensity, but also the amount of blue, white, and red light radiated by your lamp. While fluorescent tubes may deliver the right amount of light, variable spectrum LEDs also provide the right type of light.

The results speak for themselves. Gardeners who use LED grow lights for propagation report faster root growth, more compact growth, and a consistent rate of development throughout their crop.

The versatility of variable spectrum hemp LED grow lights is also a major advantage if you plan to breed seeds. The same lamp that nurtures early growth with gentle light can be adjusted to promote robust flowering. Here’s how it works:


Breeding Hemp with LED Grow Lights


If you plan to cross two different strains, equip your breeding chamber with high-quality hemp LED grow lights. For the best results, choose variable spectrum LEDs so you can control the spectrum yourself.

You have a couple options for using your LED lamps. If you want to grow your parent plants a little bigger before pollination, you can grow them vegetatively for a few weeks. To ensure strong, stocky growth, set your levels as follows:

  • 49% Red
  • 99% White
  • 99% Blue

When your plants are ready to breed, switch your LED grow lights to optimal levels for the flowering stage. We recommend:

  • 99% Red
  • 99% White
  • 39% Blue

During this phase, you should be on a light cycle of 12 hours on, 12 hours off. Within about two weeks, the male plant will grow pollen sacs. Pollen then releases into the air and pollinates the females. As the females flower and bud, they’ll also produce your hybrid seeds.


Working with Clones and Seedlings


Hemp seeds are precious. If you’re buying them, they’re pricey. If you’re breeding them, they’re valuable. Either way, you stand to lose a lot if you’re not set up for success from the very beginning. This is another reason we advocate for the use of LED grow lights in propagation. The higher the quality of light, the stronger and more successful your seedlings will be.

It’s the same story with clones. If you’re going to propagate cuttings, you have to be ready to give them the light they need to thrive.

When your seedlings are developing or your clones are growing roots, keep the light levels low on your hemp LED grow lights. Our standard suggestion is:

  • 39% Red
  • 49% White
  • 99% Blue

Each plant is a little different, however. Keep a close eye on the newbies and adjust light levels as needed. Just know that while red light is important for root development, blue light is your superstar in this ultra-early phase. Too much red leads to stretching.


Where to Find Hemp LED Grow Lights


If you’re ready to give hemp LED grow lights a shot for your indoor propagation, we recommend checking out California LightWorks. The SolarXtreme series is great for personal grows, and the SolarSystem series is an excellent solution for commercial operations.

If you are using a greenhouse for your hemp propagation, we recommend the new Greenhouse Pro series LEDs. These lights are especially designed for use in greenhouses and will give you even light levels the entire year.

Whatever your objective may be, please know we’re always here to answer your questions about hemp LED grow lights. If you don’t have experience with LEDs, there are a lot of cool things to learn. And we’re happy to help. Reach out anytime.


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