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[Press Release] Climate disaster is here, Mekhtarian urges innovation to combat crisis



Mon., Oct. 25, 2021

Jonathan Lockwood


Climate disaster is here, Mekhtarian urges innovation to combat crisis

CANOGA PARK, Calif.—Entrepreneur and sustainability advocate George Mekhtarian recently read The Guardian’s report, “The climate disaster is here.” He heads an LED manufacturing company called California Lightworks, which has been sounding the alarms about the cannabis industry’s carbon problem. 


The Guardian report was released ahead of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) to be held in Glasgow, Scotland, between 31 Oct. and 12 Nov. 2021. The conference brings together government and societal leaders to discuss climate policy.


“The climate disaster is not coming, it is here now,” said Mekhtarian. “We need leaders across sectors and industries to realize that we need to put everything we have into elevating our conditions and impact on Earth. The technology is here, and continuously being improved, but we need everyone using it.”


To put it in perspective, The Guardian explained that Earth has “heated up by around 1.2C, on average, since the preindustrial era, pushing humanity beyond almost all historical boundaries.” The report goes on to explain that cranking up the heat of the entire planet to this degree in just a century is unfathomable, equating to our oceans being hit with the heat equivalent of five Hiroshima atomic bombs plunging into the water every second.


Mekhtarian says every change we can make to how we operate as a society gets us closer as a collective to achieving measurable change. California Lightworks, for example, invented the MegaDrive® LED System for cultivators that drastically reduces their climate impact and even benefits their operations and sustainability. But Mekhtarian says that cultivators can face unnecessary regulatory reform barriers. 


“We need regulatory reform now so that we can open up innovation and technology to all companies, regardless of industry or size—our planet’s health depends on it,” added Mekhtarian. “Our future is at stake, and it doesn’t have to be. We have the power to improve our environment, so let’s get it done. Let’s make our aspirations achievements.”




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