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[Press Release] California Lightworks Announces Exhibition at Cultivate’22



Sat., July. 16, 2022

Jonathan Lockwood


California Lightworks Announces Exhibition at Cultivate’22

Greenhouse Lighting, Re-Imagined

CANOGA PARK, Calif.—LED manufacturer California Lightworks announced the company will be exhibiting their MegaDrive® Linear 400 and Dual 400 at Cultivate’22. Cultivate’22 is hosted by AmericanHort. AmericanHort is the leading national association for the green industry. The event will be held at the Greater Columbus Convention Center July 16-19. Cultivate’22 brings together greenhouse and nursery growers, retailers, distributors, interior and exterior landscapers, florists, students, educators, researchers and manufacturers. The annual Cultivate events are renowned for attracting thousands of industry professionals and visitors from across the nation and from over 40 countries.

“We are excited to showcase the California LightWorks MegaDrive® Centralized Power LED Systems at Cultivate ’22,” said George Mekhtarian, CEO of California Lightworks. “Come see this revolutionary new lighting solution in action at booth #203.”

“If you’re looking for supplemental lighting in a greenhouse, MegaDrive is a cost-effective, high-efficacy solution that delivers higher yields and improved quality, cycle after cycle,” Mekhtarian added.

The MegaDrive® Linear 400 and Dual 400 are specifically designed for supplemental lighting in greenhouses. With a slim design to minimize shadow effect, these high-efficiency, fully waterproof fixtures pack a hefty punch of up to 2,100 PPF in order to cover a large area.

The MegaDrive Linear 400 and Dual 400 are chainable, with up to 27 fixtures running from a single power drop and driver, meaning no power drops over the canopy and no excess heat from drivers on the fixtures.

“This all comes with dramatically reduced electrical, installation, and per fixture costs as well. Wireless advanced two-channel spectrum control and integration with a wireless photo sensor for automated daylight balancing ensure consistent DLI and minimum power usage,” added Mekhtarian. “We encourage cultivators to connect with us for free consultations to learn more about how this revolutionary lighting system can help increase your yields and potency.”


About California Lightworks


Since 2008 California Lightworks has been a pioneer in advanced technology LED lighting for horticulture. All products are designed, manufactured and supported in our Southern California factory and we stand behind every product we have ever made. From small-scale home grow to large-scale indoor and greenhouse applications, we offer optimal lighting solutions. California Lightworks has reduced carbon emissions by 465,813 metric tons.

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