Switch from HPS to LED Lighting

Commercial Lights

Take Your Grow To The Mega Level

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Our new MegaDrive LED technology reduces fixture and installation costs while delivering the highest possible operating efficiencies with the lowest shade footprint per watt, of any fixture on the market.


For indoor growers, offering the best light is the number one factor for getting the better quality and the highest yields. Growing indoors requires lighting that can best mimic the sun and supply the right spectrum.

Multilevel (Vertical)

In today’s competitive indoor growing environment with increasingly limited floor space, growing on multiple levels had become the favored solution for getting more yields per square foot and the highest returns on investment.

MegaDrive® Series

Discover unparalleled results with our patented technology that reduces both upfront and operating costs while providing dynamic spectrum control and automatic sunlight balancing.

SolarSystem® Series

With total spectrum control and power levels ranging from 200-800 watts, the SolarSystem series delivers stellar light quality for exceptional results.