The SolarSystem series from California Lightworks is a high-power range of LED grow lights for direct replacement of traditional HID bulb technology - at up to 50% less energy and heat and never a bulb to change. Power levels are available from 200 to 800 watts – all featuring programmable digital spectrum control for the highest quality and yields at the least possible energy usage. We use top shelf Osram LEDs with the highest efficiency in the market.

SolarSystem LED Grow Lights Collection

The SolarSystem series from California Lightworks includes the most advanced LED grow lights on the market. While these lamps feature a user-friendly design accessible to serious home growers, they are engineered to meet the needs of competitive commercial operations. With total spectrum control and power levels ranging from 200-800 watts, the SolarSystem series delivers stellar light quality for exceptional results. We construct these lights in the United States using only top-shelf Oshram LEDS—the most efficient LEDs in the market. Our SolarSystem luminaires provide an energy savings of up 50% over traditional HID bulbs.

Switch from HPS to LED Grow Lights

All lights in the SolarSystem series are designed for easy installation. They are chainable, easy to install, and serve as a direct replacement for HID grow lights. All units pair with the SolarSystem controller, allowing growers to program light spectrum down to the minute for up to 365 days. These lamps boast durable housing and a rated life of more than 50,000 hours.

Variable Spectrum LED Grow Lights

Leading commercial growers depend on the SolarSystem series to help them meet and exceed the high standards of their industry. But thanks to intuitive functionality and a wide range of sizes, our most advanced LED grow lights serve almost any grow space. SolarSystem grow lights work well in grow rooms, tents, and greenhouses, as well as large indoor facilities and commercial operations.