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SolarXtreme 250

  • The SolarXtreme 250 is one of our easiest to use full-spectrum LED grow lights. Designed especially for grow tents and smaller scale home growing, this low-power grow light system draws just 200 watts with a maximum current of 1.6 amps at 120 volts.

    The SolarXtreme series features a COB (chip on board) design and utilizes a direct AC drive, so LED drivers are not needed. This enables high-efficiency LEDs to be used, at a much lower cost than traditional LEDs. Users, therefore, benefit from full-spectrum grow lights that accommodate all stages of plant growth and flowering for many types of indoor plants, vegetables, and flowers. No adjustments are needed during the growing cycle.

    Our horticultural LED lights have been developed based on years of research and knowledge of photosynthesis and biological processes. The SolarXtreme 250 represents a convenient innovation in indoor LED grow lights suited for smaller cultivations and users who wish to conserve on power draw.

    Best of all, just mount the unit, plug it in, and start growing!

    Power Draw: 200w
    500 PPFD Distance: 18"
    800 PPFD Distance: 12"
    Max Current: 1.6A @120v
    Coverage Area: Up to 3' x 3'
    Heat Output: 640 BTU
    Dimensions: 8.5" x 8.5" x 4"
    Weight: 6 lbs.
    Thermal Management: Active
    Warranty:3 Years

    SolarXtreme Optigrow Full Spectrum

    *The SolarXtreme 250 is not compatible with the SolarSystem Controller. SolarXtreme series lights must be plugged into a standard timer for automated scheduling.

    Download product manual

    What is the difference between SolarXtreme and SolarSystem series lights?

Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews
California Save the whales true and through

Another awesome product from CLW I have spent & snet back more LED grow lights then most ppl could think of then I had a talk with Adam at CLW who was the first LED sales person that did not run from questions or answer them with things like ours are just the best LED's try & u will see when I was asking Adam at CLW serious tech questions it blew me away that he knew the tech I mean knew the tech was not just reading it back to me from a sales brochure, so no BS & high quality LED's put CLW at the top of GREENTOP FARMS go to list


This is my third light and every time the order is shipped immediately. I had a bulb broke upon opening the box and they replaced it immediately. Impeccable customer service.

Pretty good so far

I'm giving this four stars, I don't know how the flowering cycle is going to work out, however the vegetative cycle is working out pretty good. I like that this is lightweight and puts out a fraction of the heat my heavy hps system did, also there is a bult in fan (not that it needs it). I may come back an update this at a later date. (oh, and the cost was pretty good, as was the shipping)...


Great little light for my tent. Plants are loving it. 3 weeks into flower and things are going better then expected

Great products and customer service

This is my third light purchase and I am impressed with the high quality of the lights and great customer service. The lights were delivered within 3 days of ordering, were well packed in sturdy boxes and padding. They all have performed flawlessly and my girls love them. They are quiet, sturdy with great coverage and extremely cool, compared to my old CMH lights. I definitely recommend CA Light Works to my friends if they want high quality lights and top notch customer service. You get what you pay for and these are top quality.

Excellent delivery excellent product

Arrived in expected delivery time.
Using product for under 40 days. So far so good.


Braces are iffy for the light. Don’t fit real well. Ok so far.

Bright light

Dont know how the light is until first grow is finished. Not pleased that you stuck me with a shipping bill. Thanks.

Not as good as expected

Build quality is good overall, fan isn’t Loud, but the light just didn’t produce the results I expected. I am an experienced hobbyist, with knowledge and the tools to successfully and correctly set up the light (par meter, and measuring tape haha). Overall the par numbers provided by CALW are close, I found this light to achieve a par of 500 at 14.5” and 800 at 10.5”. Overall just ok. Wish the SX series had spectrum control. Like I said not as good as expected.

Hi Bret, If you are not satisfied with your order you can take advantage of our 90 day money back guarantee. You also return your SX-250 for a credit toward a light more suited to your needs. Please let us know if we can be of any assistance.
ok light but rthe hanmgersa

So far so goo but i have not grown anything yet. The hangers were a little iffy. they look too small and they don't fit completely around the hole cut outs- but they are usable. Too early to rate other things yet like quality of light or ability of light to grow

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