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Rosin Blossom: The California Lightworks Featured Grower

featured grower

We are excited to announce this month’s featured grower is Rosin Blossom! We love hearing our dedicated growers share their success stories – and we hope you will too! 

Read Rosin’s story below! 

Meet Rosin Blossom 

After I received my medical license to grow about a year ago, I began growing with one 400w MH for veg and one 1000w HPS for my flowering cycle. The set up was so hard to control and expensive to run. 

Trying Different Setups 

I ended up remodeling my grow space multiple times fighting heat here, or over amperage there, then humidity problems would follow. I then invested $500 in Chinese manufactured Blurple lights, which helped the heat problem and lowered my cost. 

The Switch To SolarXtreme

The only final issue was the quality of light my fixtures were producing for what I had paid. I wasn’t getting dense flowers anywhere on my plants no matter what I did. I finally tossed in the towel and purchased two SolarXtreme fixtures. 

My problems have been completely resolved. In fact, the first two worked so well that I ended up purchasing four more. I will never look back. 

The Results 

My blossoms are dense and fruitful deep into the canopy. The customer service department really helped me out and actually saved me money. They had me describe my set up and gave me suggestions on how to better use their light to cover the space I had. You know you can trust a company when they talk you out of purchasing lights you don’t need. 

Thanks California Lightworks For taking the time to build trust in your products and your team. It’s working.


Check out Rosin’s submission on YouTube to learn more. Thanks so much to everyone who submitted! 

Interested in being a California Lightworks Featured Grower? Get your submissions in for next month! We will be giving away another $500 gift card to be used on anything on our website.


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