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Neyman Evans: The California Lightworks Featured Grower For November

Featured Grower for November

It is with great pleasure to announce our second winner of our California Lightworks Featured Grower series.

Congratulations Neyman Evans!

Meet Neyman Evans

While Neyman Evans is a relatively new grower, he’s already finding success. Evans works out of a 2X2 tent and nurtures his plants with two SolarXtreme 250 lighting systems. Evans says he will use nothing else after the encouraging feedback he’s received on his yields. “I’ve been told my stuff is so tasty, colorful and powerful,” Evans stated. “Greatest product I’ve used since I’ve been growing.”

Check out Neyman’s submission on YouTube to learn more about his growing process. Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to submit. Interested in being a California Lightworks Featured Grower? Apply here and get your submission in for next month! We will be giving away another $500 gift card to be used on anything on our website.


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