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Meet the California LightWorks Team

California LightWorks Team

The California LightWorks team has become an industry-leading crew for one simple reason: They are passionate about providing real, meaningful solutions to indoor and greenhouse growers.

And what does that mean?

Well, it means relentlessly researching the science of horticulture so they can turn the latest discoveries into lighting innovation. It means identifying ways to make LED grow light technology more efficient to secure a higher return on investment.

It means streamlining the system of production so new research becomes new products as quickly as possible. And it means providing the very best customer support, empowering growers to get the most out of their lights.

It may sound like a lot to pull off, but the California LightWorks team has the experience and dedication to make it happen. Here’s an inside look at the people and philosophies that guide one of the top LED grow light manufacturers.

Why the California LightWorks Team is Leading the Industry

California LightWorks CEO George Makhtarian explains, “Our mission is to use the cutting edge of solid state LED technology combined with the latest plant lighting science to help growers worldwide achieve optimal results.”

How does this mission actually play out?

The California LightWorks team invests much of their research efforts on electronics, energy savings, and wireless communications. They also routinely seek out ways to reduce installation costs.

In addition to making quality light more affordable, the team is always on the lookout for new discoveries in plant science. By staying up-to-date with scientific findings, they remain at the forefront of LED grow light innovations.

In fact, California LightWorks was one of the first companies to use digital spectrum control to mimic the seasons of the sun. The variable spectrum control of the SolarSystem series has been a game-changer for many commercial growers.

Ultimately, the California LightWorks team is known for finding the intersection of advancement and accessibility. Their goal is to continuously optimize light quality for horticultural applications while making these top-tier results affordable to the consumer.


Meet the Major Players of the California LightWorks Team

The California LightWorks team operates under the direction of four leaders. Each of these professionals brings his own unique expertise and insight to round out the company’s operations.

George Makhtarian, CEO

George has always had a passion for the business of manufacturing. He grew up working at his dad’s factory and loved watching skilled workers turn simple materials into usable objects.

When the time came for George to choose a career of his own, he decided to study electrical engineering. He spent fifteen years working for tech companies in Silicon Valley.

George envisioned California LightWorks as a marriage between his experience in tech and his family background in manufacturing.

He understood the practical value of manufacturing for himself. He knew what it took to make a factory run smoothly with limited dependence on suppliers and outside operations. And he knew that if he combined that practical approach with state-of-the-art tech, the possibilities would be endless.

The dream on which George founded California LightWorks in 2008 has been realized several times over. But it’s still his driving mission. As he puts it, “We want to continue bringing the latest from Silicon Valley and applying it to the horticulture industry to optimize grower results.”

Allen Mekhtarian, COO

California LightWorks is an engineer-driven company. While the CEO comes from electrical engineering, COO Allen Makhtarian boasts 25 years of experience as a mechanical engineer.

For Allen, self-sufficiency is a top priority. He and the California LightWorks team take pride in handling nearly all their operations under one roof in Canoga Park, California. This includes:

  • New product design and development
  • Prototyping
  • Custom machine production part
  • Sheet metal fabrication
  • Assembling electrical components on a circuit board

Allen also oversees a strict, multi-layer quality control process.

Basing all research, development, and production in one location, the COO can certainly enjoy some peace of mind. He can ensure all the moving parts are operating in alignment and correct any issues immediately.

But the pay-off for consumers is notable, as well. Because California LightWorks has full control of the manufacturing process, they can provide quick turnaround on orders. They also have easier communication among team leaders and a smoother journey from idea to production.

In other words, growers don’t have to wait very long for a new development in technology to become a usable product.

Craig Adams, VP Sales & Marketing

If you follow California LightWorks news, Craig Adams is the face you know from product videos and greenhouse tours. Craig met George in 2008 when both men were on a quest to apply new LED lighting technology to plant growth.

Even when HID bulbs were still the obvious choice in grow lighting, Craig and George saw the potential for LEDs. They knew with the right engineering, LED technology could mimic nature in a way traditional lighting options did not.

In the twelve years since their partnership began, Craig has helped build the company into one of the most respected brands in horticultural lighting.

As VP of Sales and Marketing, Craig credits the company’s success with their focus on the grower. The California LightWorks team is driven by a desire to solve their clients’ problems and deliver better results through technology. Gardeners recognize this dedication and trust California LightWorks to provide premium options.


Adam Wolf, Sales & Customer Support

As the head of Sales and Customer Support, Adam Wolf is focused on developing long-term relationships with customers.

“I personally make sure the lights are being used correctly in order for the client to get the best possible outcome,” he says. This means factoring in all the variables that influence a successful grow and guiding each customer through the process, from install to harvest.

Adam and his in-house service team design a light plan for each inquiring customer. With these light plans, the grower can figure out how many lights they need, how high to hang them, and how much light they can expect their plants to receive.

In short, Adam’s customer service staff makes good on Craig’s promise to treat the grower as a top priority. It’s not just about meeting the growing demand for LED grow lights. It’s about producing top quality lights and setting buyers up for success in cultivation.


What’s Next for the California LightWorks Team?

Because the California LightWorks team handles research, development, and production under one roof, innovation is fast and constant. “We can move from product concept to market faster than any competitors,” George says.

So what does this mean for growers today?

It means those who work in cultivation can depend on California LightWorks to deliver new solutions based on scientific advancements.

Most recently, the team has unveiled the new Greenhouse Pro series. Designed for greenhouse cultivation, these lights feature Bluetooth mesh technology to program spectrum control and grow periods. The Bluetooth tech makes installation significantly easier, eliminating the need for hardwiring data cables.

The Greenhouse Pro series is only the most recent in a string of major innovations. Growers who hope to optimize their crop now and into the future may want to keep an eye on new developments from this team.

And if you’re ready to connect with Adam and his support team about their recommendations for your grow room or facility, you can reach them here.


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