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How to Join the California LightWorks Affiliate Program?

California LightWorks Affiliate Program

We’re proud to announce the new California LightWorks Affiliate Program! This program is our effort to show appreciation for those who use their platform to spread the word about our products.

Buyer advocacy means a lot. People expect us to sing the praises of our own products, but when you do it, your peers and followers take notice. If you love our lights and want to tell your audience about our products, we invite you to officially become a California LightWorks Affiliate Marketer.

It’s easy to do and it gives us an opportunity to thank you with a commission on every sale you send our way. Interested? Here’s everything you need to know.


What is the California LightWorks Affiliate Program?


The California LightWorks Affiliate Program is simple.

When you become an affiliate marketer, we provide a unique link to our website. This link is associated with your affiliate program account only.

You use this link any time you discuss California LightWorks products on your own site or social media. Every time a sale comes to us through your unique link, you earn a 5% commission. It doesn’t matter what the buyer purchases. This commission applies to every item in our collection.


How Do I Join?

When you’re ready to join the California LightWorks Affiliate program, just follow this link.

First, review the Terms & Conditions for the platform. Then, fill out the form and submit it for review. The average turnaround for an affiliate application is 24-48 hours.

Once you are approved as an affiliate marketer, you receive an email notification. On this notification, there is a link to your California LightWorks Affiliate Program dashboard. Here, you see that your unique link has already been generated.

There’s nothing else you need to do. Just use that link when you post reviews, information, or news about California LightWorks. We take care of the rest.


How Can I See My Commissions on the California LightWorks Affiliate Program Dashboard?

We designed our dashboard for total transparency.

The Reporting tab shows you:

  • How many clicks your link has received (including the clicks that do not result in sales)
  • How much money you have generated from your link

You can track your own financials on the homepage of your California LightWorks Affiliate Program dashboard. We provide an immediate snapshot demonstrating:

  • The amount of commission you have earned
  • The amount of commission that has been approved for payment
  • The amount of commission you have already received

Please note that you do not receive commission on a canceled order. The Conversion tab helps you track the status of transactions so you can always see when an expected commission doesn’t go through.

Your dashboard also features a tab for settings, payment history, and messages, allowing you to communicate easily with our team.


How Do I Receive My Commission?

We automatically pay commissions on a monthly basis. There is no minimum balance. Whatever you’ve earned, you receive. All payments are made through PayPal, so be sure to set up a PayPal account when you sign up.


Ready to Get Started?

If you’re interested in joining the California LightWorks Affiliate Program, we’d love to have you on board!

Start the process here, then keep an eye on your email for your approval and dashboard link. And if you have any questions, please contact our support team.


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