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Harborside Farms Equipped with California LightWorks SolarSystem 550


California LightWorks visits Harborside Farms, a converted, 52,000-square-foot greenhouse facility in Salinas, California. Harborside Farms is a major supplier to Harborside – an iconic California cannabis company – and they’ve installed over 2,250 SolarSystem 550 light units from California LightWorks for commercial agriculture.

We’ve equipped Harborside Farms’s state-of-the-art facility with supplemental LED grow lights that match their need for maximum cannabis cultivation. When lighting large-scale greenhouse facilities, California LightWorks calculates the following:

  • The average natural light in the facility’s geographical location
  • The supplemental lighting required to maintain the ideal light levels year round
  • The layout of the facility to space out lighting units accordingly

Harborside Farms maintains the highest standard in greenhouse lighting systems, sanitation, procedures, environmental controls, pest management and indoor quality production. By partnering with California LightWorks, they’ve achieved 500 umols and realized the following advantages with our SolarSystem 550 LEDs:

  • 100% digital spectrum control for optimal growth and chemical profiles
  • Photosensor for automatically balancing supplemental light with sunlight
  • High efficiency Osram LEDs
  • 50,000 hour rated LEDs and water-resistant fans
  • 888 PPF light output
  • Automatic voltage recognition from 90 to 277 volts
  • 3.3 amps drawn at 240 volts
  • Maximum Heat Output at 1200 BTU (Compared to 2000 BTU with 600 watt HPS)
  • Heavy red lighting for fruit and flower yield
  • Manual or digital controller mode

By using our signature horticulture LEDs and digital controller with photosensor, Harborside Farms can automatically adjust the lighting up and down based on the level of sunlight available. From 0-100%, the controller mode on each unit can automatically light blooms or veg on days with low-level natural light.

Using the SolarSystem’s digital spectrum control feature, Harborside Farms can reach their goals for indoor quality flowering along with improved chemical profiles.

At California LightWorks, we provide LED grow lights for commercial greenhouses – both big and small – for all your cultivating needs.

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Learn more about Harborside Farms and Harborside’s products and dispensaries at: https://www.shopharborside.com/

How Do I Get My Hands on One of These LED Grow Lights??

If you’re wondering where to purchase our Solar System 550 LED grow lights, please click here. All of our products are proudly made in the USA.


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