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MegaDrive® = Mega Yield

Maximize Your Yield and ROI with
the new MegaDrive Vertical 800

Designed for Indoor & Multilevel Applications

Featuring 800 watts of power, the MegaDrive® Vertical 800 from California Lightworks is one of the most powerful grow lights on the market. Perfectly sized for a standard indoor and vertical setup and featuring a single driver and drop for up to 12 fixtures, these lights are designed to maximize your yields, potency, and profits.


  • 800-watts of power for maximum yield
  • 2470 PPF with light levels over 1500 PPFD
  • Up to 3.4 Micromoles per Joule – latest generation Osram LED diodes
  • Two-Channel Spectrum Control for veg, pre-flower, flower, and final finishing
  • Central Power Supply with no power drops or drivers over the canopy
  • Remote MegaDrive power supply runs 12 lights from a single power drop
  • Removes heat from the grow room or shelves
  • Fully sealed against dust and moisture
  • Choice of hardwired touch screen, wireless Bluetooth, or third-party controllers
  • Designed and manufactured in California with industry-leading light design and support
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MegaDrive® Vertical Series

The New MegaDrive Vertical Series is designed for multi-level or single-level indoor growing. The Vertical Series is chainable, up to 27 lights can be run from a single power drop to save on installation costs and eliminate heat from the grow room. It also features programmable two-channel spectrum control to ensure optimum lighting in all phases of growth. Best of all, the new Megadrive Vertical Series reduces fixture costs and improves operating efficiencies with up to 3.5 uMoles/J efficacy. Available in 400, 600, or 800-watt versions.

MegaDrive Vertical Fixtures Table Header Table Header Table Header Table Header
MegaDrive Vertical Fixtures
MDV-800 XL
Nominal Wattage Per Fixture
Operating Temprature
0-40C (32-107F)
46.5" x 45" x 1.25"
46.5" x 45" x 1.25"
46.5" x 45" x 1.25"
56" x 45" x 1.25"
14.9 Ibs
14.9 Ibs
14.9 Ibs
18 Ibs
LED Lifetime Rating (L90)
>100,000 Hours
5 Years
Thermal Management
Spectrum Control
2 Channel 0-100%
Light Output
1,050 μMoles/J
1,850 μMoles/J
2,470 μMoles/J
2,470 μMoles/J
Up to 3.5 μMoles/J
Heat Output
1,365 BTU
2,040 BTU
2,720 BTU
2,720 BTU
Safety Compliance
UL 8800, CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 250.13
Fixture Per Power Supply

MegaDrive® Power Unit

Table Header
Total Wattage On Power Supply
Chainable # Of Fixtures 
Power Factor
> 0.95
50-60 Hz
Operating Temp
0-40°C (32-107°F)
32" X 10" X 10.5"
62 LBS
5 Years
Thermal Management
Safety Certification
UL, cUL E519648: UL 8750, CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 250.13, CE
Data Connection
Bluetooth Mesh
Spectrum Control
2 CHANNEL 0-100%

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Our new MegaDrive LED technology reduces fixture and installation costs while delivering the highest possible operating efficiencies with the lowest shade footprint per watt, of any fixture on the market.


For indoor growers, offering the best light is the number one factor for getting the better quality and the highest yields. Growing indoors requires lighting that can best mimic the sun and supply the right spectrum.

Multilevel (Vertical)

In today’s competitive indoor growing environment with increasingly limited floor space, growing on multiple levels had become the favored solution for getting more yields per square foot and the highest returns on investment.

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MegaDrive® Vertical Series

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