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What Does Yield Mean?

  In cultivation, the yield is a measurement of the amount of product harvested at the end of a grow cycle. More specifically, a crop yield is the amount of produce harvested per unit of land area. For growers, the goal is to produce as much as possible within the space available.

How Do You Increase Your Yields?

  A high yield can be accomplished through a combination of intelligent cultivation practices, including providing proper hydration, nutrients, and overall grow conditions. One of the most effective methods for increasing yields is through a carefully engineered light spectrum strategy. The correct level of blue light in the vegetative phase ensure plants grow plenty of strong branches to accommodate more flowers. Then, in the flowering phase, a blast of red light encourages more flower production. UVB light also promotes trichome production for a more flavorful product. Variable spectrum LED grow lights are the easiest and most efficient way to accommodate the needs of your crop.