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SolarXtreme 1000

  • The SolarXtreme 1000 is an easy to use full-spectrum LED grow light designed especially for grow tents and smaller-scale home growing. Covering 25 square feet, it is one of our most productivity-enhancing LED grow lights.

    The SolarXtreme series uses a revolutionary new generation of COB (chip on board), as well as new direct AC drive technology, which eliminates the need for LED drivers that can turn large LED lights into energy guzzlers. This offers high-efficiency LEDs at a much lower cost than traditional LEDs. This fixture puts out a full spectrum suitable for all phases of growth without the need for adjusting.

    Our newest horticultural LED lights suit different types of growing operations. If you’re looking for full-spectrum LED lights to use indoors, this is one of the most efficient and effective products on the market.

    A low heat signature not only conserves energy but protects your yield as well. Precise controls enable you to use the SolarXtreme 1000 with all types of indoor plants, flowers, and vegetables. This system enables more yield per power draw than any other indoor LED grow lights built for such a wide range of yields and applications.

    Power Draw: 800w
    500 PPFD Distance: 38"
    800 PPFD Distance: 28"
    Max Current: 6.6A @120v
    Coverage Area: 5' x 5'
    Heat Output: 2550 BTU
    Dimensions: 18" x 18" x 4"
    Weight: 22 lbs.
    Thermal Management: Active
    Warranty: 3 Years

    SolarXtreme Optigrow Full Spectrum

    *The SolarXtreme 1000 is not compatible with the SolarSystem Controller. SolarXtreme series lights must be plugged into a standard timer for automated scheduling.

    Download product manual

    What is the difference between SolarXtreme and SolarSystem series lights?

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

This light get to hot

Hello P, Our LEDs are designed to run with minimal heat, but your environment needs to be setup correctly to move air around and avoid buildup of hot air. If you would like some help with this, please feel free to contact us. Thanks for your support!
To hot

I like the light but is just too hot but it doing real good with my plants

Dope product

Got my light in a timely fashion and customer service got back to me quick!

Just started using

plants are extremely happy with all this light

Customer Service Rules

I had a problem with the first lights I ordered and I got a no-hassle replacement and return. Top notch service although I have not used the lights yet.

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