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Sunrise and Sunset Lighting Recipes on Rare Tomatoes


Cultivating Solanum lycopersicum or tomatoes has been a popular plant type for photonics research and LED horticulture. Using LED Sunrise and Sunset Light Recipes has helped with the growth of rare tomatoes.

Tomatoes are a widely consumed fruit and therefore due to the high demand for the crop; artificial lighting manufacturers often use these plants in trials and use these plants responses in their research and development and light testing. There are many different types of tomatoes. Originally we cultivated a indeterminate variety called F1 Trust. There were some initial complications at first; like learning how to properly prune this type of greenhouse tomato for example. Although once we had a grasp on the plant characteristics and LED potential things began to exponentially expand. This is a personal testimonial for California Light Works as to the outstanding performance of their Solar System LED fixtures.

Store bought tomatoes are harvested 12-14 days before ripeness due to shipping and shelf life time required before the fruit is purchased. Many high quality restaurant chefs are searching for ripe produce that delivers the expected quality of flavor that a properly cultivated tomato plant should deliver. When growers cultivate these rare tomatoes properly they can easily be marketed to local fruit stands and restaurants, and demand continues to rise. That is why it’s important to follow LED Sunrise and Sunset Lighting Recipes.

“In my opinion, the tomatoes in the store are good, but don’t have the flavor they should have.”
– Fine Dining Restaurant Manager 30 years


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