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The Latest Grower’s Corner – Show Us the Goods!

show us

We wanted to take a moment to show off some of the “goods” that have been submitted by our very own customers happily enjoying their LED grow lights from California LightWorks! Without further ado, we invite you to take a look at their impressive grow set ups*.

Simple, but effective set up using our latest SolarSystem 550.
show us led grow lights

show us led grow lights

Effective use of the SolarStorm 220!
show us

WOW! So beautiful!
led grow lights

Talk about some serious #gainz!
led grow lights

Proud of your progress? Show it off!

If you’re wondering how to get your photos featured, no problem. There are 2 easy ways to submit:

1. Email us at: info@californialightworks.com. We’ll try to respond as early as we can.


2. Share your photo on one of our social media outlets and be sure to tag us by adding “#calightworks” to your post!

*For security concerns, we have specifically chosen to hide the identities of any user submitted content unless otherwise specified by the user.


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