Switch from HPS to LED Lighting

Introducing The MegaDrive Linear 400 Dual 

Considering this is the hottest summer on Earth—with record-breaking heat waves decimating stats across sectors and even endangering lives and livelihoods—growers are experiencing unprecedented strains on their businesses and operations, including skyrocketing electrical costs. One way that growers can get relief from the summer heat and the expense of nurturing their plants is to upgrade their lighting. Consider a MegaDrive Linear Grow Light to reduce carbon emissions and cut energy consumption.

Advanced Lighting for Challenging Times

California Lightworks is proud to announce our new MegaDrive® Linear 400 Dual LED lighting system. This new light series is engineered for installation as a direct HPS replacement indoors or supplemental lighting in greenhouses.

With a slim design to minimize shadow effect, these high-efficacy LED fixtures pack a hefty punch of up to 2,100 PPF in order to cover a large area. They are chainable, with up to 12 fixtures running from a single power drop, dramatically lowering electrical and installation costs. Two channel spectrum control allows growers to automatically set the ideal spectrum settings for propagation, veg, pre-flower, flower and final finishing. Wireless two-channel spectrum control and integration with a wireless photo sensor for automated daylight balancing ensure consistent DLI and minimum power usage in greenhouses. 

For high-value crops, supplemental greenhouse lighting is what separates highly profitable operations from struggling startups. In today’s competitive market, the lowest cost of production and year-round consistency indicates which operations will thrive and which operations will close their doors. California Lightworks strives to realize the lowest installed-cost LED greenhouse lighting on the market. Our new MegaDrive LED technology reduces fixture and installation costs while delivering the highest possible operating efficiencies with the lowest shade footprint per watt, of any fixture on the market.

For indoor growers, the new MegaDrive 400 Dual is the perfect replacement for 1000watt HPS systems at 40% of the power usage. Its automated dimming and spectrum control offers even more power savings while producing much higher quality crops. 

Variable spectrum,  Industry-leading LED diodes

Not all LED light systems are created equal. While competitors use

solely low-powered white LEDs, California Lightworks brings a mix of white, red, and blue spectrum LEDs for the best yields and quality in all phases of growth. 

The LEDs used in the MegaDrive Linear Series Dual 400 are exclusively high-powered Osram LEDs. These provide superior penetration into the canopy and variable spectrum control for veg, preflower, flower, and final finishing stages or for different strains, all using the same lights.

The programmable control system also provides smooth lighting transitions between veg and flower as well as sunrise and sunset features to help reduce stress on plants and promote more balanced growth indoors.

Unlike fixed spectrum solutions such as HPS or all-white LEDs. California Lightworks features digital spectrum control for the ideal intensity and spectrum for any stage of growth or type of plant. Seasonal spectrum mixes, adjustable intensity, and sunrise/sunset functions are all available at the touch of a button.

Tech-forward, superior results

The MegaDrive Linear Series is a big improvement for greenhouses with better operating efficiency and reduced fixture and installation costs.

Since the central power supply removes the individual drivers from the fixtures, fixture costs are 30% lower than the competition. The power drops eliminated from above the canopy on the rack also reduce installation costs by up to 80%.

The central power supply also reduces heat over the canopy by taking all the heat of the driver out of the grow space entirely. You’re able to mount the power supply in a hallway or anywhere up to 300ft away from the actual lighting fixtures, which allows for flexible, low heat installation. Our two-channel spectrum control lets you use a wide variety of spectrums for any stage of growth or any combination of strains.

The MegaDrive Series is delivered with the fixtures, all cables, all electrical connectors, hanging hardware, and power supplies. Your electrician just has to connect the power supply to the electrical panel. The rest of the installation can be handled by unskilled labor. We also provide a light plan for your layout so you’ll know with confidence where every cable goes.

Adopting our MegaDrive Linear Series means top-quality, made-in-California fixtures and technology with U.S.-based customer support. California Lightworks also helps you maintain

your lighting systems for the duration of your lights.

Ready to Order Your MegaDrive Linear Dual 400 Lighting System?

If you’re interested in further information about a custom light plan for our MegaDrive Linear Series, you can request a quote here. We’ll be happy to answer any questions and help you choose the right lighting for your needs.


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