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Introducing the Grower’s Corner!

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What is the Grower’s Corner?

The Grower’s Corner is a weekly segment that takes place on the CA Lightworks official social media platforms where we feature grow processes, tips and tricks from our actual customers. All levels of expertise welcomed. We highly encourage both new growers and pro growers to share their progress with the rest of the community.




How often do we feature?

At least once or twice a week. Possibly more but that’s at our discretion.

Are there any requirements?

Clear pictures and product set up are preferred. (CA LIGHTWORKS ONLY!)

“What will I gain from joining this ‘Grower’s Corner’?”

Receive buzz for your submissions!

If you are using social media regularly we would love to not only feature your work but also give you credit by tagging you on the picture. Allowing you the opportunity to become part of a community conversation and obviously embracing your expertise among a wide audience!

Receive tips from our own in-house plant scientist!

By submitting content to our Grower’s Corner, you will receive tips and feedback from our in-house plant scientist. We are currently the only LED Grow Lights company with an actual plant scientist that will analyze every image / video submitted and offer you insightful advice.

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