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Programming Your New SolarSystem 550 Controller!

New SolarSystem 550 Controller

Since its release, our brand new SolarSystem 550 LED grow lights have gained much praise within the community, most notably for its highly advanced controller in maximizing your entire grow operation. Let’s take a further look in to this high-tech controller.

Key Features of Our SolarSystem 

Before we list the amazing benefits and features of the SolarSystem 550’s control, we want to point out that the controller is not required nor necessary in order for your SolarSystem 550 LED grow lights unit to operate. The controller is optional, but will significantly enhance your entire grow operation so we highly recommend it!

  • Control an unlimited number of lights
  • Automatic programmable spectrum control
  • 24-hour clock with minute by minute programming
  • Micro USB port for easy program downloads and system updates
  • Automatic multi-voltage power supply

For a complete list of benefits & features of the SolarSystem 550 controller, please visit our product page below.

Purchase the SolarSystem 550 Control for Only $149!

How To Program & Make the Most of Your SolarSystem 550

To get you started with your new controller, we have specifically created a series of how-to videos conveniently found on our Youtube channel.

If you have any questions regarding your SolarSystem 550 controller, don’t hesitate to give us a call! 800.575.3475.


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