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HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup 2016 San Bernardino Recap! (Meet Our Team)

People around HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup 2016 San Bernardino Recap!

We had the privilege of attending the HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup held in San Bernardino this year and it was A LOT of fun! The turnout was great and it was an ‘honor’ to finally meet many of you in person to discuss everything related to LED Grow Lights.

Although there is no comparison to actually attending the event, we decided to share our experience with you all by creating a video. 🙂 And if you aren’t familiar with any of our wonderful team members yet, then here’s your opportunity to meet the team @ California Lightworks!

HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup 2016 – California Lightworks

A special THANK YOU to all who stopped by to chat a little! We hope to see some more of our fans and industry experts at some of our future events that we will be attending: Cannabis Cup Denver 2016 (April 22nd) & Marijuana Business Conference (May 9).

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