Switch from HPS to LED Lighting

California Lightworks Will Be @CannaCon 2016

Banner: Meet the team at cannacon

Where will the event be held!?

Come out and visit our exhibit booth at CannaCon this year in Seattle, Washington! The event runs for 3 days from February 18 – 20. We will be there all 3 days! Don’t be shy to visit our booth, either – we’re friendly!

Showcasing Cutting Edge LED Grow Lights

We will be showcasing our very new SolarStorm®, the highest performing LED grow light on the market, at this event.

There Will Be Giveaways! 🙂

Have any questions regarding LED grow lights? We’ll offer you our very own advice gained from years of experience in the industry! You can also look forward to plenty of giveaways – who doesn’t like free stuff ??

We hope to see you there!

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