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What is a Variable Spectrum?

  In the context of LED grow lights, variable spectrum refers to a light spectrum that can be manipulated by the grower. In other words, the grower can adjust the light intensity for each color spectrum individually, creating a light recipe specific to the needs of the crop.  

What is the Value of Variable Spectrum LED Lights for Cultivation?

  As the sun changes position through the year, the specific spectrum that reaches plants on Earth also changes. Plants use color spectrum as a cue for what season it is. This means light spectrum influences when and how they grow, develop, and flower. Growers have always done their best to accommodate for the light spectrum needs of indoor plants. Those who use HID lamps switch from MH to HPS in the flowering phase to better imitate the switch from blue rays to red rays in the fall season. LED grow lights are designed with a set spectrum to represent all the light plants need throughout the entire grow cycle However, variable spectrum LEDs give growers their best opportunity to replicate the influence of sunlight indoors. They can tailor the light recipe to mimic the behaviors of the sun and speed the growth cycle, manipulate the chemical profile, and boost yields.