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What is a Grow Cycle?

  A grow cycle is the entire life cycle of plant defined by a series of individual stages. Generally speaking, the stages of a grow cycle include:
  • Germination
  • Seedling
  • Vegatative
  • Flowering

Light Spectrum and Grow Cycle

  Growers can help guide their plants through the grow cycle by adjusting the light spectrum to encourage their crop’s development. By doing this, the grower essentially mimics the sun’s changing position in the sky as it moves through the seasons. As the light source indicates to plants that winter is on the way, they develop, mature, and flower accordingly. While there are many factors to consider in programming the perfect light recipes for each stage of growth, the general idea is that a higher concentration of blue light is ideal for those phases when plants are developing (Germination, Seedling, and Vegetative). Then, more red light boosts yields during the Flowering stage.