SolarFlare 220

SolarStorm 220 BloomBooster™ ** MSRP $519

The SolarStorm 220 LED Grow Light is the brightest in its class

SolarStorm 220 BloomBooster™ ** MSRP $519


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The SolarStorm 220 LED Grow Light is the brightest in its class. The SolarStorm 220 is designed to cover up to a 2’ x 2’ area for bloom and up to 5′ x 5′ for Veg.  The unit is comprised of 72 high flux bin OSRAM SSL. Actual power draw of the SolarFlare 220 grow light is about 165W. For Vegetative growth, the SolarStorm 220 can cover an area of up to 5’ x 5’. In this case you want to position the light about 4’ above your plants. The SolarStorm 220 is designed to replace a 400W HPS or Metal Halide system. It is great for small size closet type home grow setups where quiet operation is essential. Multiple units can also be chained together to cover larger areas.

SolarStorm 220 Features:

  • Full Cycle Mode
  • VegMaster Mode
  • BloomBooster Mode

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