Mars Hydro R192 vs. SolarSystem 550 LED Grow Lights Showdown!
Can’t decide on which LED grow lights to purchase? Well, we can help you narrow some choices down with REAL
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Limited Time SolarSystem 550 LED Grow Light Test Program!
As you most of you are already aware, California Lightworks is now one of the leading U.S. manufacturer’s of LED
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Best LED Grow Lights: California LightWorks Featured in the Top 3 on Ezvid Wiki!
We’re excited to announce that we have recently been featured as one of the Top 10 Best LED Grow Lights
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Programming Your New SolarSystem 550 Controller!
Since its release, our brand new SolarSystem 550 LED grow lights have gained much praise within the community, most notably
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California LightWorks Modernizes the Greenhouse and Indoor Horticulture Industries with a New Generation of Intelligent Spectrum Grow Lights
LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–California LightWorks, a leading U.S. manufacturer of LED horticultural lighting, today announced SolarSystem, a new cost effective line
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UVB Light and THC Potency
Back in the early years of the medical cannabis industry, some savvy individual made the connection that the strongest marijuana
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Light Spectrum and Plant Growth
Ever since NASA began experimenting with LEDs for growing plants in the 1980s we have known that different light spectrums
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Using Spectrum Control to “Design” your plant – AKA Photomorphogenetics
The general photomorphic effects of spectrum   Ultraviolet light (10nm-400nm) Though overexposure to UV light is dangerous for the flora,
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Since their invention in the early 1700s, High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights have become the dominant technology in horticultural lighting.
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How to Set Up Your NEW Solar System 550!
So you’ve made the decision to purchase a brand new Solar System 550. First off, congratulations! This is currently one
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Our Products
SolarStorm LED Grow Lights Review by California Lightworks
Brandon Parham, the Sales Specialist at California Lightworks, discusses 3 separate products in this LED grow lights review video. SolarStorm
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The Grower’s Corner – Introducing “Lady Dank” and Her SolarStorm 220
One of the many things that’s truly rewarding for us as a company is seeing the results through the images
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CA Lightworks Featured in San Fernando Valley Business Journal!
That’s right – your team @ California Lightworks had the privilege of being featured in the San Fernando Valley Business
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Where’s California Lightworks Headed to Next?
Your favorite LED grow light manufacturers are headed to a few events this May! Cannagrow 2016 MAY 7 – 8,
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The Hot Debate: Fluorescent vs. LED Grow Lights?
One of the hottest topics currently in the horticultural DIY lighting industry is should I be using fluorescent or LED
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Meet Our Team
HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup 2016 San Bernardino Recap! (Meet Our Team)
We had the privilege of attending the HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup held in San Bernardino this year and it was
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CA Lightworks Announces the Winner of the SolarStorm 220 Giveaway!
It’s been a busy couple of weeks for the staff at California Lightworks with all these AMAZING trade shows. But
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SolarStorm 220 Used in Vertical Farming Setup
Indoor LED Grow Lights Setup – SolarStorm™ Recently, one of our customers was kind enough to submit a video of
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California Lightworks Will Be @ CannaCon 2016!
Where will the event be held!? Come out and visit our exhibit booth at CannaCon this year in Seattle, Washington!
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Introducing the Grower’s Corner!
What is the Grower’s Corner? The Grower’s Corner is a weekly segment that takes place on the CA Lightworks official
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California LightWorks at The Cannabis Cup San Bernardino 2016
Come see our exhibit booth at Cannabis Cup San Bernardino over two weekends, January 30th and 31 and February 5th
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Grower Averages 2 lbs of High Quality Flower per SolarStorm 880
Grower Averages 2 lbs of manicured flower per SolarStorm 880 While LED’s are gaining wide-spread popularity in the Cannabis cultivation community
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Tips & Tricks: Best Practices for Growing with LEDs
LIGHT – Flat & Even Canopy Lighting is one of the most important factors in indoor horticulture.  Optimal light level
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March issue of Maximum Yield
See our full page Ad showcasing our new generation SolarStorm and SolarFlare LED Grow Lights in the March issue of
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