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California Lightworks is a leading manufacturer of high-quality LED grow lights for indoor gardening and greenhouse applications. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we have earned a reputation for reliability and effectiveness. Our advanced LED grow light technologies are designed to optimize plant growth and maximize yield, and are trusted by professional indoor and greenhouse growers around the world. Whether you are a seasoned grower or just starting out, California Lightworks has the lighting solutions you need to take your grow to the next level.

Greenhouse Supplemental Lighting

Our new MegaDrive LED technology reduces fixture and installation costs while delivering the highest possible operating efficiencies with the lowest shade footprint per watt, of any fixture on the market.

Indoor & Multilevel Grow Technology

For indoor growers, offering the best light is the number one factor for getting the better quality and the highest yields. Growing indoors requires lighting that can best mimic the sun and supply the right spectrum.

MegaDrive® Linear Series

The MegaDrive® Linear series is a revolutionary greenhouse lighting solution featuring small shadow effect, large coverage area, chainability, wireless spectrum control, and integration with a wireless photo sensor for automated dimming. It offers passive cooling and an IP rating of 65. The Linear 400 draws 380W with up to 3.5 µMoles/J efficacy. It is specifically designed for supplemental lighting in greenhouses and can save on installation costs by allowing up to 27 lights to be run from a single power drop.

MegaDrive® Vertical Series

The MegaDrive® Vertical 800 is an advanced LED grow light designed to replace HPS lights in indoor applications. It is chainable, allowing up to 16 lights to be run from a single power drop to save on installation costs. The Vertical 800 features programmable two-channel spectrum control, enabling veg and flower stages with the same fixture. It uses passive cooling and has an IP rating of 65. The Vertical 800 draws 800 Watts with up to 3.5 µMoles/J efficacy.

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