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What is Reflectivity?

  Reflectivity refers to the reflective quality of a given surface. The more reflective a surface is, the more light it reflects without absorbing, diffusing, or compromising overall light quality. 

Why is Reflectivity Important in a Grow Room?

  When most beginner growers think of reflectivity, they think of the reflective hoods that help HID bulbs direct more light down onto the canopy. But even grow rooms that use the direct, downward beams of LED grow lights benefit from additional reflective surfaces. This is because in outdoor contexts, plants are exposed to light from all angles. In an indoor grow room, light is less likely to reach stalks and lower leaves hidden in the shade of the canopy. By incorporating reflective surfaces, growers can help more light reach more parts of the plant without compromising the quality of light shining directly onto the canopy.