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What is a Photoperiod?

  Also called “daylength,” photoperiod refers to the relative periods of light and dark over the course of 24 hours. Just as they do with light spectrum, plants gather seasonal cues based on photoperiod. As the daylight hours grow shorter, they perceive a shift towards winter and quickly flower before the season ends.  

How LED Grow Lights Optimize Photoperiod Manipulation

  Consistency is key for plants, which is why growers should always choose lights that allow them to pre-set the hours at which their lights turn on and turn off. Some advanced LED grow lights feature a sunrise/sunset setting that allows the grower to recreate the gradual rise and set of the sun. This function is especially desirable for plants, as the gradual change in light gently signals when it’s time to transition from photosynthetic processes (daytime) to metabolic processes (night). An abrupt on/off switch can shock their system.