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What is a Hot Spot?

  The area immediately underneath an HID grow lamp is known as the “hot spot.” It is in this area that the light intensity is highest. Without careful monitoring, hot spots can cause damage to the plants or uneven growth across the canopy.  

Do LED Grow Lights Create Hot Spots?

  Generally speaking, growers who use high-quality LED grow lights struggle with hot spot issues far less than growers who use HID grow lights. The construction of an LED array allows for a wider and more even spread of light, and because LEDs emit very little heat, there is less concern for heat damage in addition to light burn. Additionally, top-tier LEDs incorporate the most advanced designs that eliminate hot spots without sacrificing light intensity. For example, while some LED grow light manufacturers use secondary optics to narrow the beam angle and increase PAR levels, industry leaders like California Lightworks use 5-watt diodes that produce plenty of photons-per-watt without the use of secondary optics. This maintains a wider beam for a greater coverage area, an even distribution of light, and no hot spots.