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What is an HID (High Intensity Discharge) Lamp?

  Most commonly referred to as an “HID,” a High Intensity Discharge Lamp contains an arc tube made up of gases and metal salts under high pressure. This lamp is powered by the igniting of the arc between two electrodes. The most popular HID lamps include:
  • Mercury
  • Metal-Halide (MH)
  • High-Pressure Sodium (HPS

Are HID Lights Good for Cultivation?

  Because of their ability to emit high-intensity light, HID grow lights have been the go-to option for indoor cultivation for quite some time, but their popularity is now on the decline due to the latest advancements in LED grow light technology. While MH and HPS bulbs still get good results, high-quality LED lamps use half the energy (on average), last far longer, emit significantly less heat, and feature a full spectrum of light that is either tailored for the needs of the plants or designed to be adjustable throughout the grow cycle.