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What is a Grow Light?

  Sometimes called a “plant light,” a grow light is an artificial light source designed to produce the intensity and spectrum of light needed in order for plants to carry out photosynthesis. Grow light technology varies widely and includes fluorescent lamps, HID bulbs, and LED grow lights.  

Why Use a Grow Light?

  There are several reasons why a grower might choose to incorporate grow lights into their system of cultivation. Grow lights are absolutely essential for indoor cultivation scenarios in which the plants have no access to sunlight. These lights may also be used as a supplemental light source for greenhouses or indoor grows where plants have some access to sunlight, but not enough for optimal growth. Grow lights can be used to lengthen the growing season and daylight hours in darker climates. And they can even be put to work at the germination and seedling stages for crops that will eventually be planted outdoors.