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What is a Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) Lamp?

  Ceramic Metal Halide lamps—or CMH lamps—are a new take on traditional MH bulbs. These lamps ionize a mixture of gas and salt using an extremely hot ceramic tube. The spectral output of the lamp is determined by the specific gas and salt mixture used.

How Do CMH Lamps Compare to LED grow lights?

  One of the most valuable features in LED grow lights is the full-spectrum light tailored to radiate the exact color spectrum needed for plants to thrive. This is an area where LEDs are known to outperform traditional MH lamps, which emit a primarily blue spectrum. CMH lights come closer to providing full spectrum light, as they contain quite a bit more red than MH bulbs. However, they still lack the photosynthesis-specific customization of LED lights, they are less energy efficient, and they run much hotter.